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Fabricating Architecturally Exposed Tube Structures Free 10.00
Fabrication Aids for Cold Straightening I-Girders (PDF) Free 10.00
Facade Attachments to Steel Framed Buildings 50.00 100.00
Factors Affecting the Behavior of Steel Structures in Fire-Resistant Construction Free 10.00
Facts for Steel Buildings Number 1 - Fire Free Free
Facts for Steel Buildings Number 2 - Blast and Progressive Collapse Free Free
Facts for Steel Buildings Number 3 - Earthquakes and Seismic Design Free Free
Failure of Simply-Supported Flat Roofs by Ponding of Rain Free 10.00
Failure of Welded Moment Resisting Connections Free 10.00
Failures of Claddings on Multi-story Buildings Free 10.00
Fast Check for Block Shear Free 10.00
Fast Check for Laterally Supported Beam Capacity Free 10.00
Fast Check for Ponding Free 10.00
Fast Design of Beams with Cb Greater Than 1.0 Free 10.00
Fastener Fundamentals 50.00 100.00
Faster, Better, Safer, and Less Expensive Construction: Benefits of Structural Steel Interoperability for the Automotive Supply Chain Free 10.00
Fatigue and Fracture Control in Steel Structures 25.00 50.00
Fatigue Behavior of Weld Details in Modern Steel Structure Free 10.00
Fatigue Design of Bridges in Australia Free 10.00
Fatigue Life of Double Angle Tension Members Free 10.00
Fatigue Life Prediction and Variability of New and Existing Welded CHS Y-Joints Free 10.00
Fatigue Strength of Steel Members with Welded Details (T.R. Higgins Award) Free 10.00
Fatigue Testing and Retrofit Details of High-Mast Lighting Towers Free 10.00
Field Application Case Studies and Long-Term Monitoring of Bridges Utilizing the Simple for Dead--Continuous for Live Bridge System Free 10.00
Field Bolted Moment Connection Free 10.00
Field Fixes: Common Problems in Design, Fabrication and Erection - Solutions and Prevention 100.00 200.00
Field Welding to Existing Steel Structures Free 10.00
Field Welding-Common Problems and Their Solutions Free 10.00
Fillet Weld Design for Rectangular HSS Connections Free 10.00
Finite Element Analysis of Beam-Column Bolted End-Plate Connections in Steel Frames (PDF) Free 10.00
Finite Element Modeling of Girders with Large Web Openings Free 10.00
Finite Element Modeling of Steel Moment Connections with Fracture for Structural Fire Analyses Free 10.00
Fire Resistance of Protected Steel Columns Free 10.00
Fire Resistance of Structural Steel Free 10.00
Fire Safety Of External Building Elements--The Design Approach Free 10.00
Five Useful Stability Concepts 50.00 100.00
Five Useful Stability Concepts Free 10.00
Flange Bending in Single Curvature Free 10.00
Flexible Moment Connections for Unbraced Frames Subject to Lateral Forces – A Return to Simplicity Free 10.00
Flexural Capacity and Ductility of HPS-70W Bridge Girders Free 10.00
Flexural Strength of WT Sections Free 10.00
Flexural-Torsional Buckling and its Implications for Steel Compression Member Design Free 10.00
Flexural-torsional Buckling for Pairs of Angles Used as Columns Free 10.00
Floor Vibration Serviceability:Tips And Tools For Negotiating A Successful Design Free 10.00
Floor Vibrations and Cantilevered Construction Free 10.00
Folded Steel Plate Roof for a Suburban Branch Bank Free 10.00
Forces on Bracing Systems Free 10.00
Form Deck - A Versatile Family of Products Free 10.00
Formulas for Beams with Semi-rigid Connections Free 10.00
Fracture and Fatigue Control in Steel Structures Free 10.00
Fracture and Fatigue Control in Steel Structures (Conference Proceedings Article) Free 10.00
Fracture Modeling of Rectangular Hollow Section Steel Braces Free 10.00
Frame Response Considering Plastic Panel Hinges Free 10.00
Framing Connections for Square and Rectangular Structural Tubing Free 10.00
Fulfilling the AISC Sophisticated Paint Endorsement (SPE) Free 10.00
Full Member Renewal - Multiple Facilities Free Free
Full Member Renewal - Single Fabrication Facility 550.00 550.00
Full-Scale Tests of Butt-Welded Splices in Heavy-Rolled Steel Sections Subjected to Primary Tensile Stresses Free 10.00
Fundamentals of Beam Bracing Free 10.00
Fundamentals of Orthotropic Plate Design Free 10.00
Fundamentals of Stability for Steel Design 100.00 200.00
Future Use of Composite Steel-Concrete Columns in Highway Bridges Free 10.00