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Hardness Testing of Thermal Cut Edges of Steel Free 10.00
Headed Steel Anchor under Combined Loading Free 10.00
Heat Straightening of Steel: From Art to Science Free 10.00
High-Strength Bolting Free 10.00
High-Strength Bolts for Bridges Free 10.00
High-Strength Steels for Plastic Design Free 10.00
Hints on Using Joists Efficiently Free 10.00
Historical Note on K-Factor Equations Free 10.00
History of Steel Beam Design Free 10.00
Hollow Structural Section Connections Design Guide (a Conference Proceeding) Free 10.00
Hollow Structural Sections in Building Construction Free 10.00
Homogeneous and Hybrid Girder Design in the 1969 AISC Specification Free 10.00
Horizontally Curved Steel Girders; Fabrication and Design Free 10.00
Hot-Dip Galvanizing, Tolerances, and Hollow Structural Sections 50.00 100.00
How Accurate are Current Floor Vibration Analysis Procedure? (PDF) Free 10.00
How Much is Your Business Really Worth and What Factors Affect the Value of Your Business? Free 10.00
How to Get Rich Being a Detailer Free 10.00
How to Obtain Approval of Alternative Methods Free 10.00
How To Reduce The Cost Of Common Structural Steel Connections Free 10.00
HSS Connection Design After 2005 Free 10.00
HSS Truss Connections with Three Branches Free 10.00
Human Response to Wind-Induced Motion of Buildings (T.R. Higgins Award) Free 10.00
Hybrid Moment-Resisting Steel Frames Free 10.00
Hyperboloid Space Frames for Tower Structures Free 10.00