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Painting Structural Steel Free 10.00
Panel Zone Deformation Capacity as Affected by Weld Fracture at Column Kinking Location Free 10.00
Panel Zone Effect on the Strength and Stiffness of Steel Rigid Frames Free 10.00
Panel Zone Yielding in Steel Moment Connections Free 10.00
Parking Structure with a Post-tensioned Deck Free 10.00
Partial Tube Concept for Mid-Rise Structures Free 10.00
Partially Restrained and Flexible Moment Connections 25.00 50.00
Partially Restrained Composite Beam-To-Girder Connections Free 10.00
Perfobond Shear Connector for Composite Construction Free 10.00
Performance and Behavior of Gusset Plate Connections 25.00 50.00
Performance and Behavior of Gusset Plate Connections Free 10.00
Performance of Large Seismic Steel Moment Connections Under Cyclic Loads Free 10.00
Performance of the AISC LRFD Specification in Predicting the Capacity of Eccentrically Loaded Single-Angle Struts Free 10.00
Performance of the Unified Block Shear Equation for Common Types of Welded Steel Connections Free 10.00
Performance-Based Engineering of Buildings for Extreme Events Free 10.00
Performance-Based Plastic Design of Special Truss Moment Frames Free 10.00
Performance-Based Seismic Design of Eccentrically Braced Frames Using Target Drift and Yield Mechanism as Performance Criteria Free 10.00
Pixar Animation Studios: Fabrication and Erection Challenges Free 10.00
Plank and Steel Issues (Conference Proceedings) Free 10.00
Planning for a Complex Project A New Home for the Arizona Cardinals Free 10.00
Planning Issues for Steel Erection Free 10.00
Plastic Analysis of Pinned-base Haunched Gable Frames Free 10.00
Plastic Behavior of Beams with Mid-Depth Web Openings Free 10.00
Plastic Behavior of Eccentrically-Loaded Connections Free 10.00
Plastic Collapse Load of Continuous Composite Plate Girders Free 10.00
Plastic Design Aids for Pinned-Base Gabled Frames Free 10.00
Plastic Design Applied to Trusses Free 10.00
Plastic Design by Moment Balancing Free 10.00
Plastic Design of a 14-Story Apartment Building Free 10.00
Plastic Design of a Three-Story Steel Frame Free 10.00
Plastic Design of Biaxially Loaded Beam-Columns Free 10.00
Plastic Design of Eccentrically Loaded Fasteners Free 10.00
Plastic Design of Multi-Story Buildingsā€”A Progress Report Free 10.00
Plastic Design of Steel Floor Beams Free 10.00
Plastic Design of Unbraced Multistory Steel Frames with Composite Beams Free 10.00
Plastic Moment of Intermediate Horizontal Boundary Elements of Steel Plate Shear Walls Free 10.00
Plastic Strength of Connection Elements Free 10.00
Plate Girder Design Using LRFD Free 10.00
Plate Girders with Corrugated Steel Webs Free 10.00
Ponding Calculations in LRFD and ASD Free 10.00
Ponding of Concrete Deck Floors Free 10.00
Ponding of Two-Way Roof Systems Free 10.00
Practical Advanced Analysis for Semi-rigid Frame Design Free 10.00
Practical Analysis of Semi- Rigid Frames Free 10.00
Practical Application of Energy Methods to Structural Stability Problems Free 10.00
Practical Approaches in Mill Building Columns Subjected to Heavy Crane Loads Free 10.00
Practical Approaches in the Design of Mill Building Columns Subjected to Heavy Crane Loads Free 10.00
Practical Compactness and Bracing Provisions for the Design of Single Angle Beams Free 10.00
Practical Implementation of Composite Floor Designs 50.00 100.00
Practical Problems in Stability of Steel Structures Free 10.00
Practical Steel Metallurgy Free Free
Predesigned Bolted Framing Angle Connections Free 10.00
Prediction of Bolted Connection Capacity for Block Shear Failures along Atypical Paths Free 10.00
Pre-Engineered Steel Stair Systems Free 10.00
Prefabricated Press-Formed Steel T-Box Girder Bridge System Free 10.00
Preface to the North American Design Comparisons Free 10.00
Preliminary Analysis and Member Sizing of Tall Tubular Steel Buildings Free 10.00
Preliminary Assessment for Walking-Induced Vibrations in Office Environments Free 10.00
Preliminary Base Plate Selection Free 10.00
Preliminary Design of Curved Bridges Free 10.00
Preliminary Minimum Weight Design of Moment Frames for Lateral Loading Free 10.00
Preliminary Wind Analysis of Multistory Bents Free 10.00
Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications (ANSI/AISC 358-05) - December 13, 2005 Free 10.00
Prestressed Steel Girders for Single Span Bridges Free 10.00
Principles and Practices of Heat-Straightening Repair Free 10.00
Probabilistic Modeling of Steel Moment Frames with Welded Connections Free 10.00
Procedure for a Design and Analysis of Hanger-type Connections Free 10.00
Procedures and Processes to Manage CNC Data Free 10.00
Professional Member (1) Renewal 140.00 140.00
Professional Member (100-499) Renewal 650.00 650.00
Professional Member (20-99) Renewal 350.00 350.00
Professional Member (2-6) Renewal 175.00 175.00
Professional Member (500+) Renewal 1250.00 1250.00
Professional Member (7-19) Renewal 225.00 225.00
Professional Retiree (1) Renewal 65.00 65.00
Progressive Collapse Analyses of 2D Steel Framed Structures with Different Connection Models Free 10.00
Progressive Collapse Basics Free 10.00
Project Management - Organizing the Job Free 10.00
Properly Prepared 25.00 50.00
Proposed Criteria for Load and Resistance Factor Design Free 10.00
Proposed Design Criteria for Stiffened Seated Connections to Column Webs Free 10.00
Proposed Equal Leg Single Angle Flexural Design Provisions for Consideration in the Development of Future AISC Specification Editions Free 10.00
Proposed Revision of the Equivalent Axial Load Method for LRFD Steel and Composite Beam-Column Design Free 10.00
Proposed Working Stresses for Fillet Welds in Building Construction Free 10.00
Prying Action- A General Treatment Free 10.00
Prying Action for Slip-Critical Connections with Bolt Tension and Shear Interaction Free 10.00
Pushing the Envelope: Facade Attachments to Steel Frames 25.00 50.00
Pushout Tests on Lightweight Composite Slabs Free 10.00
Push-up Steel Construction Free 10.00
P-V-M Interaction Curves for Seismic Design of Steel Column Base Connections Free 10.00