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Rapid Determination of Ultimate Strength of Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Groups Free 10.00
Rapid Selection of Beam-Columns Free 10.00
Rapid Selection of Beam-Columns for Wind or Earthquake Effects Free 10.00
Rapid Selection of Column Base Plates Free 10.00
Rapid Selection of W Columns (AASHO Method of Design) Free 10.00
Rational Basis for Increased Fillet Weld Strength Free 10.00
Rationale Behind and Proper Application of the Ductility Factor for Bracing Connections (PDF) Free 10.00
Recent Advances in Methods for Inelastic Frame Analysis: Implications for Design and a Look Toward the Future Free 10.00
Recent Development From Research on Steel Plate Shear Walls Free 10.00
Recent Development in the Behavior of Cyclically Loaded Gusset Plate Connections Free 10.00
Recent Developments and Future Directions in Steel Plate Shear Wall Research Free 10.00
Recent Developments in Steel Building Design Free 10.00
Recommendations for Design, Fabrication and Erection of Steel Building Edge Form Free 10.00
Recommendations for Shear Lag Factors for Longitudinally Welded Tension Members Free 10.00
Recommended Design Procedures for Beams with Web Openings Free 10.00
Recommended Effective Throat Sizes for Flare Groove Welds to HSS Free 10.00
Recommended Procedures for Damage-Based Serviceability Design of Steel Buildings under Wind Loads Free 10.00
Recorded Webinar - Design for Stability Using the 2010 AISC Specification 50.00 100.00
Recorded Webinar - High Strength Bolts 50.00 100.00
Reduced Beam Section Spring Constants Free 10.00
Redundancy in Highway Bridges Free 10.00
Reinforcing Loaded Steel Compression Members Free 10.00
Reinforcing of Steel Joist Free 10.00
Reinforcing Steel Members and the Effects of Welding Free 10.00
Relating the Seismic Drift Demands of SMRFs to Element Deformation Demands Free 10.00
Reliability Assurance in Navy's Welded Steel Shore Structures Free 10.00
Reliability in Building Construction Through Nondestructive Testing Free 10.00
Reliability of Rotational Behavior of Framing Connections Free 10.00
Reliability of the Member Stability Criteria in the 2005 AISC Specification Free 10.00
Removal of Yield Stress Limitation for Composite Tubular Columns Free 10.00
Renovation--Concept to Completion Free 10.00
Repair of Existing Steel Moment Frame Buildings Damaged from Earthquakes Using Fracture Tough Weld Overlays Free 10.00
Repairable Seismic Moment Frames with Bolted WT Connections: Part I Free 10.00
Repairable Seismic Moment Frames with Bolted WT Connections: Part II Free 10.00
Research in Plastic Design of Multi-story Frames Free 10.00
Research on End-Plate connections for Seismic Loading: An Update Free 10.00
Resilient - You Can't Even Spell It Without Steel Free Free
Response of Concrete-Filled HSS Columns in Real Fires Free 10.00
Restrained Fire Resistance Ratings in Structural Steel Buildings Free 10.00
Reuse of A325 and A490 High-Strength Bolts Free 10.00
Reviewing and Approving Welding Procedure Specification Free 10.00
Revision to the Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges - December 1, 1946 Free 10.00
Robust Structures 25.00 50.00
Roof Framing with Cantilever (Gerber) Girders & Open Web Steel Joists Free 10.00
Rules of Thumb for Steel Design 25.00 50.00
Rules of Thumb for Steel Design Free 10.00