Steel Design After College

Steel Design After College

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Steel Design After College

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Most of us left college and entered the workforce with a clear understanding of structural steel design. The professors performed their jobs well, teaching us all about the behavior of steel and introducing the AISC Specification and Manual. Those of us who took an advanced steel design course even learned how to design many standard connections. We went to our first day of work with an engineering degree, and the know-how to completely design a steel-framed building. Right? Not quite. There is a limit to how much can be taught at the university level. In order to perform structural design, one has to attain additional knowledge via "on the job training" and continuing education. AISC has developed this course to cover structural topics you did not learn in the college classroom. This course covers structural steel design and analysis topics that were not offered to engineering students in college, including:
Diaphragm types and design methods
Composite beam design
Lateral analysis of buildings for wind loads 

Publication Date: 2006


Lawrence G. Griffis, PE