Erector Insurance and Waiver

The Certification Bulletin 2017-04: Erector Certification – Indemnity Agreement and Insurance Requirements has been released on October 23, 2017. The bulletin updates the Certification Program Requirements for Erectors of Structural Steel for liability insurance and waivers of indemnity, and it takes immediate effect.

From the inception of the AISC Certification Program for Structural Steel Erectors, participants have been required to provide both a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming AISC/QMC as additional insured and a Waiver of Indemnity.  Working with Steel Erectors Association of America, AISC updated the Waiver of Indemnity Agreement to the Reciprocal Indemnity Agreement.   

"Before, the indemnification clause only protected AISC; now it goes both ways, with each party indemnifying the other," explained Mark Trimble, AISC's vice president of certification. The Reciprocal Indemnity Agreement provides indemnification for both the participants and AISC, which makes it more equitable.

Please click here for the Reciprocal Indemnity Agreement, and please click here for a Sample Certificate of Liability Insurance. Please contact AISC Certification at certification@aisc.org or 312.670.7520 with any questions.