The "No More Waivers!" program is an AISC Certification initiative implemented to help specifiers and AISC Certified companies respond to pressure from contractors and owners to waive quality requirements. Since its inception in 2004, the "No More Waivers!" program goal has been to promptly respond to all attempts to waive quality requirements that are reported to the program. The program currently relies largely on specifiers and AISC Certified firms to identify potential waiver cases and to engage AISC as a partner to counter efforts to waive requirements. Together, through timely action focused on key project decision makers and appropriate information about the value of Certification, we can reduce the number of waivers.

Looking ahead, the long-term goal of the program is to eliminate quality requirement waivers by making AISC Certification a pre-qualification to any bid list. As progress toward achieving this goal, Certified fabricators, Certified erectors, and specifiers are increasingly assuming lead roles in protecting Certification requirements. They are building cases for individual projects and working to educate members of the building industry in their local markets about the value of Certification.

Please use the tools provided above to help make your case to any and all key project decision makers. If your letter and follow up phone calls fail to gain consideration in your waiver situation, call or email AISC Certification for additional support. AISC can most effectively support your efforts when actions are based on the information you have collected.

Use the "No More Waivers!" form noted above as a tool to communicate your waiver response history and identified decision makers. Once completed, email the form to Todd Alwood, manager of certification business development and you will be contacted within a 24-hour period. Todd can be reached at either alwood@aisc.org or 312.670.7527.