Larry S. Muir

Structural Steel Consultant

Larry Muir is a licensed engineer with more than two decades of engineering and structural steel fabrication experience. Mr. Muir recently served as the Director of Technical Assistance at AISC for five years, where he led the operations of the technical aspects of the AISC Steel Solutions Center.  Prior to that, as Chief Engineer of Cives Steel Company, he oversaw connection design for 6 steel fabrication plants with a combined annual capacity of over 100,000 tons. Mr. Muir has participated in the design of numerous large-scale, high profile projects, including high-rises, stadiums, and power plants. As a member of AISC, AWS, RCSC and ASCE committees, he has had the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of structural engineering while developing contacts throughout the industry. He has presented on behalf of AISC on many occasions and wrote and presented the 8-hour seminar "Seismic Connections for Steel-Framed Building" for the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. He co-authored, with Bill Thornton, AISC Design Guide 29, on Vertical Bracing Connections.