Exposing the Beauty of Steel

While exposed structural steel was once the select province of a few noteworthy projects, architects today are increasingly using transparency in their designs. Architects today are routinely evaluating the beauty that exposed structural steel can bring to their projects.

Coordination of the activities of the structural engineer and steel fabricator can result in significant schedule savings beyond what would normally be anticipated on a steel framed project. AISC has documented projects where early fabricator involvement has reduced the schedule requirements of the steel portion of the project by as much as 50%. And the steel framing system is ALWAYS on the critical path of the project.

Unfortunately, existing codes and standards do not fully address the unique level of detail needed to successfully design, detail, fabricate and erect Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS). In response to these issues new guidelines have been developed to assist in the specification of AESS. Documents and sample boards are available to assist you in this process on your project.

In addition, recent AISC award winning projects provide creative examples of the use of AESS.

We encourage you to explore the identified resources and to discuss how you can expose the beauty of structural steel of your project with an advisor in the Steel Solutions Center at 866.ASK.AISC or [email protected].




 AESS Roof

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