Curved Steel

How did they bend that steel?

With the increased exposure curved steel is finding in the marketplace, more and more questions have arisen about processes, possibilities and producers. This channel provides several resources to answer these questions and more:


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  • Who curves steel?
  • Where can you use curved steel?
  • How do I specify curved steel?
  • Where can I find additional information?

The best way to get answers to your curving questions is by contacting an AISC Associate Member Bender-Roller.  Members of the Bender-Roller Committee can lend their expertise and work through a solution with you. 

Visit the Publications page for links to several resources and articles highlighting how any project - from the largest monumental project to that building down your street - can benefit from the use of curved steel.

The Technical Information page will provide you with information about the available Bending Styles, Bending Methods and Specialty Bends used in the industry today.

For information about detailing and specifiying curved steel, visit the curved steel Geometry, Glossary and Detailing pages.

Questions? Contact the Steel Solutions Center at 866.ASK.AISC or at [email protected] .