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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
U.S. Construction Market Update [Z9] 0 Mar 2017 John Cross NASCC
NSBA Welcome -- Resources and Consideration for Steel Bridges [B1] 0 Mar 2017 Danielle Kleinhans; Gregg Freeby; Roger Wade NASCC,WSBS
Corrosion Protection Strategies for Steel Bridges [B10] 0 Mar 2017 Jeff Carlson; Jennifer Righman-McConnell; Debbie Simmons NASCC
Steel Bridge Erection Made Simple [B11] 0 Mar 2017 Ashley Thrall; Lisa Briggs; Ted Zoli NASCC
Understanding and Reevaluating Fracture Critical: Research and Strategies - Part 2 [B3] 0 Mar 2017 Ryan Sherman; Matthew Hebdon NASCC
Competitive Steel Solution for Short Spans [B5] 0 Mar 2017 Karl Barth; Doug Davis; Scott Uhl NASCC
Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing [B6] 0 Mar 2017 Ken Wright; Tom Zieman; Preston Vineyard NASCC
Why Not Steel? [CA11] 0 Mar 2017 Greg Gidez; Corinne Kerr; Rodd Merchant NASCC
More Welding Questions Answered [CA1a] 0 Mar 2017 Duane Miller NASCC
What Should Engineers Know about IBC Chapter 17? [CA7] 0 Mar 2017 Mike West NASCC