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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Alternative Seismic Systems [M8] 0 Apr 2019 Patrick McManus ; Jim Harris NASCC
Alternate Methods of Connection Design 1.5 May 2015 Patrick McManus, PhD, PE, SE, and Larry Muir, PE Webinar
Alternate Methods to Connection Design [N4] 0 Mar 2015 Patrick McManus; Larry Mui NASCC
Bidding High-Seismic Projects for the Fabricator and Detailer [N37] 0 May 2011 Patrick McManus; Larry Muir NASCC
The Beauty and the Least [N40A] 0 Apr 2016 Patrick McManus; Mark Holland NASCC
Column Base and Splice Details & System Reliability [C7] 0 Mar 2014 Patrick Newman; Greg Deierlein; Amit Kanvinde NASCC
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Software for Straight or Curved Steel Bridges During Construction [B13] 0 Mar 2017 Paul Biju-Duval NASCC
A User-Friendly 3D FEA Program to Analyze I-Shaped Beams and Columns 0 Mar 2017 Paul Biju-Duval, Colter E. Roskos, John R. Kintz, Todd A. Helwig, Eric Williamson, Michael Engelhardt, Patricia Clayton and Oguzhan Bayrak, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC
Advanced Analysis Techniques for Design and Erection [B3] 0 Apr 2016 Paul Biju-Duval; Duncan Paterson; Anna Rakoczy NASCC,WSBS
Bridge Virtual Assembly System [B5] 0 Apr 2013 Paul Fuchs; Ronnie Medlock NASCC,WSBS