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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Basic Principals and Recent Developments in Steel Deck Diaphragm Design [E11] 0 Apr 2008 Sam Easterling NASCC
Is Your Structural Software Really Doing What You Think It Is? [N15] 0 Apr 2013 Sam Rubenzer NASCC
Structural Steel Software Review [N14] 0 May 2011 Sam Rubenzer NASCC
Managing a Remote Workforce [Z5] 0 Apr 2018 Sam Rubenzer, SE, PE; Dan Huntington, SE, PE; Emily Guglielmo, SE, PE NASCC
Practical Advice for Reviewing Software Generated Connection Designs [CN4a] 0 Mar 2017 Sam Rubenzer; Cathleen Jacinto NASCC
Constrained Finite Element Method for the Model Analysis of Thin-Walled Members with Holes 0 Apr 2016 Sandor Adany, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary SSRC
Non-Uniform Modal Decomposition of Thin-Walled Members by the Constrained Finite Element Method 0 Mar 2017 Sándor Ádány, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary SSRC
Signature Curve for General Thin-Walled Members 0 Apr 2018 Sandor Ádány; Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Budapest, Hungary SSRC
Advances in Analysis and Design for Stability [S8] 0 Apr 2016 Sandor Adany; Junle Cai; Christopher D. Moen; Bob Glauz; Pedro B. Dinis; Dinar Camotim; Ben Young NASCC
The World is Not Flat: Exploring Models for Offshoring [E20] 0 Apr 2009 Santanu Das NASCC