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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Flexural-Torsional Deformations of Imperfect Thin-Walled Columns with Continuous Bracing 0 Apr 2019 Raymond H. Plaut; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA; Cristopher D. Moen; NBM Technologies, Inc.; Blacksburg, VA SSRC
Investigation on the Effect of Warping on the Stability Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Beam-Columns 0 Apr 2019 Sevugan J. Rajkannu and Arul S. Jayachandran; Indian Institute of Technology; Madras, India SSRC
Moment Gradient Factors for Singly-Symmetric I-Sections 0 Apr 2019 Matthew C. Reichenbach, Todd A. Helwig and Michael D. Engelhardt; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX; Yangqing Liu; Tongji University; Shanghai, China SSRC
Stiffness Matrix for Buckling Analysis of Tapered Steel Members 0 Apr 2019 Emad S. Salem; Al-Azhar University; Cairo, Egypt SSRC
The Role of Local Buckling in the Determination of H.S.S. Rotational Capacity 0 Apr 2019 Elsy Saloumi and Marielle Hayeck; PhD; Joanna Nseir; Saint-Joseph University; Beirut, Lebanon; Nicolas Boissonnade; Laval University; Quebec, Canada SSRC
Spherically-Hinged Cold-Formed Steel Equal-Leg Angle Columns: Experimental Investigation and DSM Design 0 Apr 2019 Kathleen Guimaraes Santana and Alexandre Landesmann; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Dinar Camotim and Pedro Borges Dinis; Universidade de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Evaluating Critical Temperatures of Axially Loaded I-shaped Steel Members Using ANSI/AISC-360 Appendix 4 and Finite Element Model 0 Apr 2019 Ana Sauca, Chao Zhang, Mina Seif and Lisa Choe; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, MD SSRC
Influence of Boundary Conditions on the Shear Post-Buckling Behavior of Thin Web Plates 0 Apr 2019 Peter Wang, Alex Gomez and Maria Garlock; Princeton University; Princeton, NJ; Kevin Augustyn and Spencer Quiel; Lehigh University; Bethlehem, PA SSRC
Simulation of Steel Sheet Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Framed Shear Walls 0 Apr 2019 Zhidong Zhang and B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD SSRC
Distortional buckling behavior and design consideration of castellated beams considering residual stresses 0 Apr 2019 Xuhong Zhou, Ziqi He and Peng Chen; Chongqing University; Chongqing, China; Jingchao Li; Hunan University; Changsha, China; Zhanjie Li; SUNY Polytechnic Institute; Utica, NY SSRC