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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Connection Design Responsibility: Is the Debate Over? [K1] 0 Apr 2009 Charles Carter; D. Kirk Harman; Glenn Bishop NASCC
Unified Design of Steel I-Section Flexural Members in the 2005 AISC and 2007 AASHTO Specifications [K2] 0 Apr 2009 Donald White NASCC
Underlying Concepts in Seismic Design Codes [P2] 0 Apr 2009 Chia-Ming Uang; Tom Schlafly NASCC
The Art of Steel [P4] 0 Apr 2009 Duane Ellifritt NASCC
Moving Steel to Make Iron [R5] 0 Apr 2009 Andy Payne; Michael Eagen; Ted Vrehas; Dam Kilgore NASCC
Blue Cross Blue Shield - Adding 24 Stories to a 30 Story High-Rise [R8] 0 Apr 2009 Charlie Turcotte NASCC
Design Methods for Beams and Columns [S2] 0 Apr 2009 M. Seif; B.W. Schafer NASCC
Skyscrapers - Past, Present and Future [X1] 0 Apr 2009 R. Shankar Nair NASCC
Connections: The Last Bastion of Rational Design [X2] 0 Apr 2009 William Thornton NASCC
Annual Stability Conference: Reports on Current Research Activities 0 Apr 2009 SSRC