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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Stability and Service Consideration for Steel Bridge Orthotropic Deck Panels 0 Mar 2014 M.W. Jen; Parsons Transportation Group; New York; NY; B.T. Yen; Lehigh University; Bethlehem; PA SSRC
Analysis and Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls with Column Restrainers 0 Mar 2014 M.A. Amer and B.E. Machaly; Cairo University; Giza; Egypt; S.S. Safar; American University in Cairo; Cairo; Egypt SSRC
New Proposal for Classification of Steel Flexural Members Based on Member Ductility 0 Mar 2014 M. Shokouhian and Y.J. Shi; Tsinghua University; Beijing; China SSRC
Effect of Shear on Stability of Steel Girders Under Fire Conditions 0 Mar 2014 V.K.R. Kodur and M.Z. Naser; Michigan State University; East Lansing; MI SSRC
Modeling of Moment Connections for Structural Fire Analyses 0 Mar 2014 M. Seif; T. McAllister; J. Main and W. Luecke; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg; MD SSRC
Experimental Investigation on Shear Strength of Elastic End-Web Panels Strengthened with CFRP Strips 0 Mar 2014 S.S. Safar and M.N. Abou-Zeid; American University in Cairo; Cairo; Egypt SSRC
Web Post Buckling Resistance of Longitudinally Stiffened Plate Girders 0 Mar 2014 L.P. Subramanian and D.W. White; Georgia Institute of Technolgy; Atlanta; GA SSRC
About the Influence of the Cross-Section Geometry on the Distortional Post-Buckling Strength of Cold-Formed Steel Columns 0 Mar 2014 C. Basaglia; University of Campinas; Brazil; A. Landesmann; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Brazil; D. Camotim; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon; Portugal SSRC
Behaviour of LSF Floor Systems with Improved Joist Sections Under Fire Conditions 0 Mar 2014 V. Jatheeshan and M. Mahendran; Queensland University of Technology; Brisbane; Australia SSRC
Analytical Investigation of the Stability and Post-Buckling Behavior of Large-Scale Truss Assemblies 0 Mar 2014 H.J. Brown; P.S. Green; J.L. Ryan and D.G. Reigles; Bechtel Power Corporation; Frederick; MD SSRC