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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Stability of Continuous Steel Column Members at Elevated Temperatures 0 Mar 2014 C. St. Aubin and A.H. Varma; Purdue University; West Lafayette; IN SSRC
Optimization of Open Cold-Formed Steel Sections Based on Shape Grammar 0 Mar 2014 J.M.S. Franco; E.M. Batista and A. Landesmann; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Brazil SSRC
Direct Strength Method for Web Crippling of Cold-Formed Steel C- and Z-Sections Subjected to Two-Flange Loading 0 Mar 2014 M.Y. Choy; X.F. Jia ; X. Yuan ; J. Zhou and H.S. Wang; Tsinghua University; Beijing; China; C. Yu; University of North Texas; Denton; TX SSRC
Analysis and Design of Thin Metallic Shell Structural Members -- Current Practice and Future Research Needs 0 Mar 2014 H. Foroughi; Isfahan University of Technology; Iran; C.D. Moen; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg; VA; A. Myers; Northeastern University; Boston; MA; M. Tootkaboni; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; North Dartmouth; MA; L. Vieira; Universidade Estadual de Campinas; Campinas; Sao Paulo; Brazil; B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD SSRC
Design and Analysis of Liner Forms for Shaft Sinking 0 Mar 2014 H. Haydl; Cementation Canada; Inc.; North Bay; Ontario; Canada SSRC
Experimental Study of Hot-Rolled Rectangular Hollow Sections 0 Mar 2014 A. Liew and L. Gardner; Imperial College London; London; UK; N. Boissonnade and J. Nseir; University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland; Freiburg; Switzerland SSRC
Behaviour and Stability of Double-Coped Beam-To-Girder Connections Under Combined Loading 0 Mar 2014 G. Johnston and R.G. Driver; University of Alberta; Edmonton; Canada; L. Callele; Waiward Steel Fabricators; Edmonton; Canada SSRC
Analysis and Design of Noncompact and Slender Concrete-Filled Steel Tube (CFT) Beam-Columns 0 Mar 2014 Z. Lai and A.H. Varma; Purdue University; West Lafayette; IN SSRC
Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Post-Buckling Behavior of Steel Plate Girders Subjected to Shear 0 Apr 2013 S. Mamazizi; R. Crocetti; H. Mehri; Lund University; Lund; Sweden SSRC
Shell Buckling Evaluation of Thin-Walled Steel Tanks Filled at Low Liquid Level According to Current Design Codes 0 Apr 2013 C. Maraveas; K. Miamis; C. Maraveas Partnership; Athens; Greece SSRC