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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Topics of Fabrication and Inspection of Steel Bridges [B7] 0 Mar 2015 Mark Bowman; Heather Gilmer NASCC,WSBS
Torque Vs. Tension [N26] 0 Apr 2012 John O'Brien; Mike Howerin NASCC
Torsion in Practice [N22] 0 Mar 2014 Jon Beier NASCC
Torsional Stability and Lap Eccentricity in Extended Shear Tabs [N27A] 0 Apr 2013 Bill Thornton; Pat Fortney NASCC
Toward a Comprehensice Approach for Design Using Buckling Analysis 0 Mar 2015 O€Ùuzhan To€Ùay; Woo Yong Jeong and Donald W. White; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta; GA; Cliff D. Bishop; Exponent; Inc.; Atlanta; GA SSRC
Towards a More Rational DSM Design Approach for Angle Columns Apr 2013 Dinis, P.B. and D. Camotim; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon, Portugal; Landesmann, A.; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil SSRC
Towards a More Rational DSM Design Approach for Angle Columns 0 Apr 2013 P.B. Dinis; D. Camotim; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon; Portugal; A. Landesmann; Federal University of Rio De Janeiro;Rio De Janeiro; Brazil SSRC
Towards a Strain Energy Based Strength Prediction for Locally Slender Structural Steel Columns 0 May 2011 M. Seif; B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD SSRC
Training the Trades Using a Distance Learning Model [N6] 0 Apr 2016 Bryan McClure NASCC
Transfer Forces--What Are They and Why Should I Care? [E29a] 0 Mar 2017 Clifford Schwinger NASCC