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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Technical Session and Annual Meeting 0 Jan 1976 SSRC
Numerical Study on the Behavior and Design of Screw Connected Built-up CFS Chord Studs 0 Mar 2017 Smail Kechidi and Nouredine Bourahla, University of Blida 1, Blida, Algeria; David C. Fratamico and Benjamin W. Schafer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; José Miguel Castro, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal SSRC
Rigging and Bracing Stability Considerations For Moving, Lifting and Placing a Non-Building Structural Module 0 Mar 2017 Michael Mudlock, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc., Houston, TX; Perry S. Green, Bechtel Power Corporation, Waynesboro, GA; Andrew Sarawit, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc., Waltham, MA; Francis J. Byrne, Westinghouse (WECTEC), Waynesboro, GA SSRC
Flexural-Torsional Buckling of General Cold-Formed Steel Columns with Unequal Unbraced Lengths 0 Mar 2017 Robert S. Glauz, RSG Software, Inc., Lee's Summit, MO SSRC
DSM Design of Cold-Formed Steel Columns Failing in Distortional Modes at Elevated Temperatures 0 Mar 2017 Alexandre Landesmann and Fernanda Cristina Moreira da Silva, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Dinar Camotim, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Behavior and Design of Non-Composite Non-Longitudinally Stiffened Welded Steel Box Section Beams 0 Mar 2017 Ajinkya M. Lokhande and Donald W. White, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA SSRC
Global Lateral - Torsional Buckling of I-Girder Systems in Cantilever 0 Mar 2017 Andres F. Robalino, ADSTREN, Quito, Ecuador; Telmo Andres Sanchez, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador SSRC
Stability Requirements of Deep Steel Wide-Flange Beam-Columns under Cyclic Loading 0 Mar 2017 Ahmed Elkady and Dimitrios G. Lignos, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland SSRC
Lateral Bracing Requirements for H-Section Beams with Supports Attached to Top Flange Subjected to Cyclic Antisymmetric Moment 0 Mar 2014 R. Matsui and T. Takeuchi; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Tokyo; Japan; Y. Yamaura; Yamashita Sekkei Inc.; Japan SSRC
Stiffness and Strength of Shear Diaphragms Used for Stability Bracing of Slender Beams 0 Mar 2014 O.O. Egilmez; Izmir University of Economics; Izmir; Turkey; A. Akbaba and M. Vardaroglu; Izmir Institute of Technology; Izmir; Turkey SSRC