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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Numerical and Experimental Studies for the Development of Direct Strength Design Rules for Locally and Globally Slender Hollow Sections 0 Apr 2018 Andrea Toffolon and Andreas Taras; Bundeswehr University Munich; Munich, Germany SSRC
On the Accuracy of the Current Direct Strength Method (DSM) Design Curve for Columns Failing in Global Modes 0 Apr 2018 Pedro B. Dinis, Dinar Camotim, and Andr‚ D. Martins; Universidade de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Column Design: Past, Present, Future 0 Apr 2018 Joseph A. Yura; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Cyclic Fracture Simulation Framework for Stability and Collapse Simulation in Steel Structures 0 Apr 2018 David A. Padilla-Llano and Jerome F. Hajjar; Northeastern University; Boston, MA; Matthew R. Eatherton and W. Samuel Easterling; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA; Benjamin W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD SSRC
Determination of the Buckling Critical Load for Composite Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns from Partial Experimental Data: A Review of the Southwell Plot Technique 0 Apr 2018 Tiziano Perea; Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana; Mexico; Roberto T. Leon; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA; Mark D. Denavit; University of Tennessee; Knoxville, TN; Jerome F. Hajjar; Northeastern University; Boston, MA SSRC
Development of a Computational Model to Estimate the Rollover Resistance of Open Web Steel Joist Seats 0 Apr 2018 Jean C. Batista Abreu and Ronald D. Ziemian; Bucknell University; Lewisburg, PA SSRC
Experimental Study on the Interaction of Partial Top Lateral and K-Frame Bracing on Tub Girders 0 Apr 2018 Stalin Armijos Moya, Yang Wang, Todd Helwig, Michael Engelhardt, Patricia Clayton, and Eric Williamson; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Flange Buckling Behavior of Trapezoidally Corrugated Web Girders Subjected to Bending and Shear Interaction 0 Apr 2018 Bence Jáger and László Dunai; Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Hungary SSRC
Flexural Resistance of Longitudinally Stiffened Curved I-Girders 0 Apr 2018 Lakshmi P. Subramanian; Indian Institute of Technology Madras; India; Donald W. White; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA SSRC
Horizontal Curvature Impacts on Steel Plate Girder Shear Buckling 0 Apr 2018 Bernard A. Frankl; HDR; Atlanta, GA; Daniel G. Linzell; The University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Lincoln, NE SSRC