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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time. 

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Detailing Issues Part 2: New Market Opportunities from Outside the Traditional Work Process Model [D4] 0 May 2010 J.R. Barker NASCC
Industrial Detailing 101 [D6] 0 May 2010 Thomas Kramer NASCC
Modeling for Management [D13] 0 May 2010 Richard Stern; Jean Thibodeau NASCC
Engineer vs. Detailer: Where Do You Draw the Line [D14] 0 May 2010 Roger Ferch; Luis Torres NASCC
The Puzzle of Steel Procurement Solved [E1] 0 May 2010 Barry Arnold; Max Powell NASCC
122 Design Ideas in 90 Minutes [E2] 0 May 2010 James Fisher; Larry Kloiber; Michael West NASCC
Lessons Learned in Structural Software: Implementing a Software Error Reduction Plan [E4] 0 May 2010 Brian Quinn; Lisa Willard NASCC
HSS: Applications, Use and Limitations of Chapter K of AISC 360-05 [E6] 0 May 2010 Christopher Foley; Jeffrey Packer NASCC
An Engineer's Guide to the New 2010 Joist Specification [E7] 0 May 2010 Perry Green; Robert Hackworth; Tim Holtermann; Cevyn Meyer NASCC
AISC 2010 Specification Appendix 4 (Part 1): Structural Design for Fire Conditions [E8] 0 May 2010 Bruce Ellingwood; Mike Gilmor; John Gross; Nestor Iwankiw NASCC