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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Presentation Session for Beedle and McGuire Awards [S4] 0 Apr 2018 Dinar Camotim, PhD; Rodrigo Goncalves, PhD NASCC
Special Topics in Structural Stability [S5] 0 Apr 2018 Andreas Taras, PhD; Markus Kettler, PhD; David Padilla-Llano, PhD NASCC
Real-Time 3D Model Review [T1] 0 Apr 2018 Greg Davenport, PE, LEED AP; Pilar Jones; Doug Fitzpatrick, PE, LEED AP; Gregory Sain; James Schwartz; Brett Hart NASCC
2017 LOD: What You Need to Know [T5] 0 Apr 2018 Will Ikerd, CM-BIM, LEED-AP; David Merrifield NASCC
Technology vs. Management Solutions [T6] 0 Apr 2018 Brian Cobb, PE; Jeff Dave, PE NASCC
Compare and Contrast BIM Contract Documents [T7] 0 Apr 2018 Angela Richie NASCC
Smart Model Transfer: Collaboration to Reduce Schedule and Cost [T9] 0 Apr 2018 Scott Cameron; Mark Lasby, PEng NASCC
Design of Steel Deck For Concentrated and Non-Uniform Loading [U1] 0 Apr 2018 Michael Martignetti, PE; Mike Antici, PE NASCC
Eliminating Costly Fit-Up Issues [U2] 0 Apr 2018 Ken Pecho NASCC
Lean-on Bracing for Steel I-Shaped Girders 1.5 Apr 2018 Jamie Farris, PE Webinar