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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
The Importance of Internal Auditing [N40] 0 Apr 2012 Larry Martof; Mark Trimble NASCC
The Importance of Project Setup [Z5] 0 Apr 2019 Mark Holland, PE NASCC
The Influence of Geometrical and Material Imperfections on the Stability and Resistance of I and H Sections 0 Apr 2018 Lucile G‚rard, Caroline Arsenault, and Nicolas Boissonnade; Laval University; Quebec City, Canada; Markus Kettler; Graz University of Technology; Gratz, Austria SSRC
The Interaction of Stability and Fatigue Related Brace Forces in Cross Frame Members of Steel I Girder Bridge Systems 0 Mar 2014 A. Battistini; S. Donahue; W. Wang; T. Helwig and M. Engelhardt; The University of Texas; Austin; TX; K. Frank; Hirschfeld Industries; Austin; TX SSRC
The Joy of Steel...So Many Possibilities [K2] 0 Apr 2019 Jon D. Magnusson, SE, PE, NAE NASCC
The Learning Never Stops: Going Beyond a College Education [L5] 0 Apr 2019 Michael Chisholm ; Adam Friedman, SE, PE NASCC
The Little Site That Could: 150 N Riverside [CS2] 0 Mar 2017 Rob Chmielowski; Chris Simonson; Joe Jurasits NASCC
The Lost Art of Communication [A5] 0 May 2010 Forest McNabb NASCC
The Lost Art of Communication [N15] 0 May 2011 Forrest D. McNabb NASCC
The Manufacturing of Structural Steel Shapes 1.5 Oct 2018 Jim Schoen and Shane Vernon, PE Webinar