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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Large-Scale Lateral--Torsional Buckling Tests of Welded Girders 0 Apr 2019 Xiao Lin Ji, Robert G. Driver and Ali Imanpour; University of Alberta; Edmonton, Canada SSRC
Lateral-Torsional Buckling Response of Welded Wide-Flange Girders 0 Apr 2018 Xiao Lin Ji, Robert G. Driver, and Ali Imanpour; University of Alberta; Edmonton, Canada SSRC
The Strength of Rotary-Straightened Steel Columns 0 Apr 2019 Xiaomeng Ge and Joseph A. Yura; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Stability Under Seismic Loading [S2] 0 Apr 2018 Xing Lan; Aradhana Agarwal; Pablo Cano NASCC
Seismic Performance Evaluation of Cold-Formed Steel Framed Shear Walls using In-Frame Corrugated Steel Sheets 0 Apr 2018 Xing Lan; Mako Steel Inc.; Carlsbad, CA; Wenying Zhang; Tongji University; Shanghai, China; Mahsa Mahdavian; Verco Decking Inc.; Sacramento, CA; Cheng Yu; University of North Texas; Denton. TX SSRC
Distortional buckling behavior and design consideration of castellated beams considering residual stresses 0 Apr 2019 Xuhong Zhou, Ziqi He and Peng Chen; Chongqing University; Chongqing, China; Jingchao Li; Hunan University; Changsha, China; Zhanjie Li; SUNY Polytechnic Institute; Utica, NY SSRC
Behavior and Design of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped and Plain Angles 0 May 2011 Y. Shifferaw; B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD SSRC
Analytical Assessment of the Strength of Steel Truss Bridge Gusset Plates 0 Apr 2013 Y.D. Kim; Georgia Perimeter College; Dunwoody; Georgia; Y. Mentes; MMI Engineering; Houston; Texas; D.W. White; GeorgiaInstitute of Technology; Atlanta; Georgia; R.T. Leon; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg; Virginia SSRC
Effective Strip Model for Cold-Formed Steel Shear Wall using Steel Sheet Sheathing Apr 2013 Yanagi, N. and C. Yu; University of North Texas; Denton, TX SSRC
The Impact of Girder Geometry and Bracing Details on the Stability of Steel Tub Girder 0 Apr 2016 Yang Wang, Stalin Armijos Moya, John Kintz, Todd A. Helwig, Patricia Clayton, Michael D. Engelhardt, and Eric Williamson, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC