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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Engineering Challenge: The Rehabilitation of the Pulaski Skyway Bridge 0 Apr 2019 Ruben Gajer; Jaimin Amin; Glenn P. Deppert; Khairul Alam; Reilly Thompson; Matt Tchorz WSBS
Halsted Street Bridge over Chicago River North Branch Canal 0 Apr 2019 Soliman Khudeira, SE, PE, PhD WSBS
Poplar Street Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening 0 Apr 2019 Gregory Kuntz, PE; Cory Imhoff, PE; Ryan Shaw, PE WSBS
Fatigue Cracking from Unexpected Conditions 0 Apr 2019 Natalie McCombs, SE, PE WSBS
Corrosion Resistant Alloyed Steel for Low Maintenance Steel Bridges 0 Apr 2019 Jason Provines, PE; Stephen Sharp, PE, PhD WSBS
Pennsylvania's First Exoderic Deck: Accelerated Deck Replacement & Rehabilitation of the Liberty Bridge 0 Apr 2019 Roger Eaton, PE; Jason Zang, PE WSBS