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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
2010 T.R. Higgins Award Lecture: The AISC Seismic Design Provisions: Past; Present and Future 1.5 May 2010 James Malley, SE NASCC
25 Years of North American Retractable Roofs [N12] 0 Mar 2014 Randy Braun; Mark Waggoner NASCC
3D Model Review and Approval Really Works! [T3] 0 Mar 2017 Andrew Gayer; Chris Harms; Jim Schueler; James Schwartz NASCC
3D Second Order Analysis of Industrial Buildings 0 Apr 2012 Zacarias Martin Chamberlain Pravia; Ricardo A. Ficanha; University of Passo Fundo; Passo Fundo; Brazil SSRC
50 Tips for Designing Constructable Steel Buildings [CA2a] 0 Mar 2017 Jason Perry; Justin Mitchell NASCC
50 Years of Structural Steel [N3A] 0 Apr 2016 James Fisher; Larry Kloiber NASCC
50th Anniversary Conference SSRC - Link Between Research and Practice 0 Apr 1994 SSRC
50th Anniversary Conference Workshops 0 Jul 1994 SSRC
50th Anniversary Conference: SSRC - Link Between Research and Practice 0 Jul 1994 SSRC
90 Seismic Design Ideas in 90 Minutes [G5] 0 Mar 2015 James Malley; Rafael Sabelli; Pat Hassett NASCC