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Effect of Imperfections on the Ultimate Shear Strength of Tapered Girders 0 Mar 2014 M. Abu-Hamd and B. El Samman; Cairo University; Giza; Egypt SSRC
Initial Geometric Imperfection Measurement and Characterization of Cold-Formed Steel C-Section Structural Members with 3D Non-Contact Measurement Techniques 0 Mar 2014 L.E. McAnallen; D.A. Padilla-Llano; C.D. Moen and M.R. Eatherton; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg; VA; X. Zhao and B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD SSRC
Cylindrical Shell Buckling Strength According to the ""Overall Method"" of Eurocode 3 - Background and Applicability to the Design of High Strength Steel Circular Hollow Sections 0 Mar 2014 A. Taras; Graz University of Technology; Austria; J. Nseir and N. Boissonnade; University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland; Switzerland SSRC
On the Relevance of Local-Distortional Interaction Effects in the Behavior and Design of Cold-Formed Steel Columns 0 Mar 2014 A.D. Martins; P.B. Dinis and D. Camotim; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon; Portugal; P. Provid̻ncia; University of Coimbra; Coimbra; Portugal SSRC
Determining Unbraced Lengths in Continuous Girders Subjected to Warping Restraint 0 Mar 2014 C.E. Quadrato and K.P. Arnett; United States Military Academy; West Point; NY SSRC
Lateral Bracing Requirements for H-Section Beams with Supports Attached to Top Flange Subjected to Cyclic Antisymmetric Moment 0 Mar 2014 R. Matsui and T. Takeuchi; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Tokyo; Japan; Y. Yamaura; Yamashita Sekkei Inc.; Japan SSRC
Stiffness and Strength of Shear Diaphragms Used for Stability Bracing of Slender Beams 0 Mar 2014 O.O. Egilmez; Izmir University of Economics; Izmir; Turkey; A. Akbaba and M. Vardaroglu; Izmir Institute of Technology; Izmir; Turkey SSRC
A Novel DSM-Based Approach for the Rational Design of Fixed-Ended and Pin-Ended Short-to-Intermediate Angle Columns 0 Mar 2014 P.B. Dinis and D. Camotim; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon; Portugal; N. Peres; Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Lisbon; Portugal SSRC
A New Analytical Method for Solving Nonlinear Stability Problems of Framed Structures 0 Mar 2014 K.K.F. Wong; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg; MD SSRC
Localized Web Buckling of Double-Coped Beams 0 Apr 2013 Bo Dowswell; ARC International; LLC; Birmingham; Alabama; Robert Whyte; LYBD; Inc.; Birmingham; Alabama SSRC