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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Are Designers Sufficiently Instructed to Make the Most Rewarding Use of the Latest Steel Codes? Apr 2013 Maquoi, R.J.; University of Liège; Liège, Belgium SSRC
Axial Capacity of Partially Corroded Steel Bridge Piles Apr 2013 Karagah, H. and M. Dawood; University of Houston; Houston, TX SSRC
Brace Stiffness and Forces of X-Type, K-Type, and Z-Type Cross Frames in Steel I-Girder Bridge Systems Apr 2013 Battistini, A.D., Donahue, S.M., Helwig, T.A., and M.D. Engelhardt; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX; Wang, W.H.; SBM Offshore; Frank, K.H.; Hirschfeld Industries; Austin, TX SSRC
Buckling Strength of Axially Loaded Cold Formed Built-Up I-Sections Apr 2013 Abu-Hamd, Metwally and Basel El-Samman; Cairo University; Cairo, Egypt SSRC
Calculating the Impact of Partial Warp Restraint on Steel Girder Elastic Buckling Strength Apr 2013 Quadrato, C.E. and K.A. Arnett; United States Military Academy; West Point, NY SSRC
Cyclic Lateral-Torsional Buckling Response of Cold-Formed Steel C-Section Joists Apr 2013 Padilla-Llano, D.A., Moen, C.D., and M. Eatherton; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA SSRC
Seismic Design in Steel - Complete Course Feb 2018 Rafael Sabelli Webinar
Stability Design of Structural Steel Jan 2015 Donald W. White, PhD; Ronald D. Ziemian, PhD, PE Webinar
Elastic Buckling of Thin-Walled Steel Columns with Periodic Perforations Apr 2013 Smith, F.H. and C.D. Moen; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA SSRC
Elastic Compressive Strength of Aluminum Open Circular-Arc Sections Apr 2013 Shepherd, C.M.; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA; Ziemian, R.D.; Bucknell University; Lewisburg, PA SSRC
Experimental and Analytical Study on Failure Modes of Structural Steel Scaffolds Apr 2013 Abdel-Ghaffar, Maheeb M.E. and Abdullah N.S. Mahmoud; Cairo University; Giza, Egypt SSRC
GBT-Based Structural Analysis of Elastic-Plastic Thin-Walled Members Apr 2013 Abambres, M., Camotim, D., and N. Silvestre; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Mapping Web-Tapered Member to a Prismatic Member for Buckling Analysis of Sway Frames-Closed Form Equation Apr 2013 Salem, E.S.; Al-Azhar University; Cairo, Egypt SSRC
Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Post-Buckling Behavior of Steel Plate Girders Subjected to Shear Apr 2013 Mamazizi, S., Crocetti, R., and H. Mehri; Lund University; Lund, Sweeden SSRC
Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Post-Buckling Behavior, Ultimate Strength and DSM Design of Thin-Walled Cruciform Steel Columns Apr 2013 Dinis, P.B. and Camotim, D.; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon, Portugal; Green, P.S.; Bechtel Power Corporation; Frederick, MD SSRC
On Frame Stability Analysis Apr 2013 Dória, A.S.; Petrobras; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Malite, M.; Universidade de São Paulo; São Paulo, Brazil; Vieira, Jr., L.C.M.; University of New Haven; New Haven, CT SSRC
Performance of Steel Shear Tab Connections at Elevated Temperatures Apr 2013 Seif, M.S., Main, J.A. and T.P. McAllister; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, MD SSRC
Practical Design of Complex Stability Bracing Configurations Apr 2013 Bishop, C.D.; Exponent, Inc.; Chicago, IL; White, D.W.; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA SSRC
Shape Optimization of Cold-Formed Steel Columns with Manufacturing Constraints and Limited Number of Rollers Apr 2013 Leng, J., Li, Z., Guest, G.K. and B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD SSRC
Stability, Failure and Design of I-Section Steel Beams Subjected to Tension Apr 2013 Tomás, J. and D. Camotim; Technical University of Lisbon; Lisbon, Portugal; Nseir, J. and N. Boissonnade; University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland; Fribourg, Switzerland SSRC