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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
10 Seismic Lessons from the Design of Large and Complex Structures [N15] 0 Apr 2018 Rafael Sabelli, SE; Laura Whitehurst, SE NASCC
100+ Years in Fabricated Steel Construction: A Curious Journey for Ted Sheppard and Bill Merrell [N39] 0 Apr 2013 Bill Merrell; Ted Sheppard NASCC
100-Year-Old Steel Bridge; Protecting Tomorrow's Centurions [B9] 0 Apr 2013 Robert Healy NASCC,WSBS
122 Design Ideas in 90 Minutes [E2] 0 May 2010 James Fisher; Larry Kloiber; Michael West NASCC
181 Fremont Street A State-of-the-Art Collaboration of Structural Design, Fabrication and Erection Methodology [CS6] 0 Mar 2017 Adrian Crowther; Tim Nelson; Bob Hazleton NASCC
1976 Technical Session and Annual Meeting 0 Apr 1976 SSRC
1977 Annual Meeting 0 Jan 1977 SSRC
1978 Annual Technical Session and Meeting 0 Jan 1978 SSRC
1979 Annual Technical Session and Meeting 0 Jan 1979 SSRC
1981 Annual Technical Session and Meeting 0 Jan 1981 SSRC
1982 Annual Technical Session and Meeting 0 Apr 1982 SSRC
1983 Third International Colloquium on Stability of Metal Structures 0 Apr 1983 SSRC
1984 Annual Tech Session - Stability Under Seismic Loading 0 Apr 1984 SSRC
1985 Annual Tech Session- Stability Aspects of Industrial Buildings 0 Apr 1985 SSRC
1986 Annual Tech Session Stability of Plate Structures 0 Apr 1986 SSRC
1987 Annual Technical Session- Stability of Circular Stiffened Shells 0 Apr 1987 SSRC
1988 Annual Technical Session- Computer Technology Applied to Structural Stability 0 Apr 1988 SSRC
1989 Fourth International Colloquium- Code Differences Around the World 0 Apr 1989 SSRC
1990 Annual Technical Session- Stability of Bridges 0 Apr 1990 SSRC
1991 Annual Technical Session- Inelastic Behavior and Design of Frames 0 Apr 1991 SSRC