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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Moving Steel to Make Iron [R5] 0 Apr 2009 Andy Payne; Michael Eagen; Ted Vrehas; Dam Kilgore NASCC
Blue Cross Blue Shield - Adding 24 Stories to a 30 Story High-Rise [R8] 0 Apr 2009 Charlie Turcotte NASCC
Design Methods for Beams and Columns [S2] 0 Apr 2009 M. Seif; B.W. Schafer NASCC
Skyscrapers - Past, Present and Future [X1] 0 Apr 2009 R. Shankar Nair NASCC
Connections: The Last Bastion of Rational Design [X2] 0 Apr 2009 William Thornton NASCC
Annual Stability Conference: Reports on Current Research Activities 0 Apr 2009 SSRC
Performance and Behavior of Gusset Plate Connections 1.5 Apr 2009 Charles Roeder, PhD and Dawn E. Lehman, PhD NASCC
Staggered Truss Systems: Lessons Learned 1 Apr 2009 John Kennedy, PE and Jon Beier, PE NASCC
Specifying Camber: Rules of Thumb for Designers 1 Apr 2009 Erika Winters Downey, SE NASCC
Connection Design: Dealing with Load Path, Transfer Forces, and Apparent Lack of Joint Equilibrium 1.5 Apr 2009 Bill Merrell, PE NASCC
Ethics and Accountability 1.5 Apr 2009 Dan Murphy NASCC
Unified Design of Steel I-Section Flexural Members in the 2005 AISC and 2007 AASHTO Specifications 1.5 Apr 2009 Donald White, PhD NASCC
Underlying Concepts in Seismic Design Codes 1.5 Apr 2009 Chia-Ming Uang, PhD NASCC
Connections: The Last Bastion of Rational Design 1 Apr 2009 William Thornton, PhD, PE NASCC
Design of Frames Using Web-Tapered Members 1 Apr 2009 Donald White, PhD, Richard Kaehler, PE and Yoon Duk Kim NASCC
Safety by Design 1 Apr 2009 T. Michael Toole, PhD, PE NASCC
Why Can't Bolting Be More Simple-Like it Used to Be? 1 Apr 2009 Peter Birkemoe, P.Eng. NASCC
Structural Integrity of Buildings 1.5 Apr 2009 Ronald Hamburger, SE and Kurt Gustafson, SE NASCC
Connection Design: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [D3] 0 Apr 2009 Jerod Hoffman NASCC
RFIs: Use and Abuse (Do You Know the Difference?) [D4] 0 Apr 2009 Mark Stoller; Robert Schoen NASCC