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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
3D Modeling Solutions for Complex Structures [D1] 0 Apr 2008 John G. Shaw NASCC
Detailing for Steel and Precast Structures [D4] 0 Apr 2008 Robert Beauchamp; Ted Hazledine; Gary Hoosier; Joel Hicks NASCC
The Detailers Role in a Design Build Project [D5] 0 Apr 2008 Doug Fitzpatrick NASCC
Risk Management for Detailers [D6] 0 Apr 2008 Leonard Ross NASCC
Practical Erection Details [D9] 0 Apr 2008 Robert Beachamp; Duff Zimmerman NASCC
BIM for Low-Rise Steel Projects [D12] 0 Apr 2008 Rob Schoen; Eric Kitzman NASCC
Applied Interoperability: Complex Structures on the Critical Path [D14] 0 Apr 2008 Darren Hartmen; Donald Beck Jr. NASCC
Got Stiffness? An Enjoyable Analytical Investigation of Lateral Force Resisting Base Plates [E1] 0 Apr 2008 Barry Arnold NASCC
The SJI Composite Steel Joist Catalog First Edition 2007 for Use by The Design Professional [E2] 0 Apr 2008 David Samuelson; Perry Green NASCC
Green Design: Going Beyond Material Issues [E3] 0 Apr 2008 Mark Gorgolewski NASCC
Should the Structural Engineer or the Fabricator Design Structural Steel Connections? [E7] 0 Apr 2008 Edward Pence; Gary P. TenEyck; Arthur Johnson NASCC
Seismic Design Drawing Requirements - Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings [E8] 0 Apr 2008 Larry Kloiber; Larry Muir NASCC
Designing Low-Cost Steel Structures [E9] 0 Apr 2008 John Rolfes NASCC
Design Tips for Steel in Low or Moderate Seismic Regions [E14] 0 Apr 2008 Dominic Kelly; Joseph Zona NASCC
Engineering Ethics: You Be The Judge [E17] 0 Apr 2008 Arthur Schwartzs NASCC
Characteristics of Robust Structures [E22] 0 Apr 2008 Christopher Foley NASCC
Design of Lateral Load Resisting Frames Using Steel Joists and Joist Girders [E24] 0 Apr 2008 James Fisher NASCC
Simplifying Documentation - Creative Procedures [F1] 0 Apr 2008 Dan Kaufman; Pat Thomashefsky NASCC
Greening the Shop [F2] 0 Apr 2008 Christian de Serres NASCC
Procedures and Processes to Manage CNC Data [F4] 0 Apr 2008 Roy Karnes NASCC