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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time. 

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Let's Set that Goal! [Q3] 0 Apr 2019 Lee Patza NASCC
Teamwork: No One in this Room Is Smarter than all of Us [Q4] 0 Apr 2019 Chris Crosby, PE NASCC
What Does "Management Review" Really Mean? [Q6] 0 Apr 2019 Anna Petroski NASCC
I Have a Quality Manual and Procedures - Now What? [Q7] 0 Apr 2019 Lee Pielaet NASCC
Heavy and Complicated Lifts -- Risks, Uncertainties and What to look out for [R1] 0 Apr 2019 Luiz Macedo ; Rafael Macedo NASCC
Code of Standard Practice: Section 7 - An Erector's Perspective [R2] 0 Apr 2019 Philip Torchio NASCC
What's New in the Realm of Safety? [R5] 0 Apr 2019 Wayne Creasap NASCC
Don't be "Rig Poor"! - Understanding the Process of Sizing the Right Crane for Your Steel Erection Project [R6] 0 Apr 2019 Keith Rind NASCC
Stability of Columns [S11] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Stability under Seismic Loading [S3] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Presentation Session for Beedle and McGuire Awards [S4] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Stability Considerations for Localized Conditions [S6] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Stability of Plates and Shells [S7] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Stability of Connections and Assemblages [S8] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Topics in Lateral-Torsional Buckling [S9] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Get Control of Shop Information [T1] 0 Apr 2019 Rich Steffens NASCC
The AISC Guide to BIM/Modeling [T3] 0 Apr 2019 Luke Faulkner NASCC
Best Practices for Model Review - An Update [T4] 0 Apr 2019 Andrew Gayer, SE, PE, LEED AP ; James Schwartz ; Brian Cobb, PE NASCC
From Engineer to Field -- Eliminating Problems [Y1] 0 Apr 2019 Nyckey Heath, PE ; Carl Williams, PE NASCC
Specification of Intumescent Fire Resistive Coatings [Y3] 0 Apr 2019 Sean Younger NASCC