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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
The Advanced Bill of Materials as a Contract Deliverable [D11] 0 Apr 2008 Rob Schoen; Eric Kitzman NASCC
3D Software and Complex Hip and Valley Roof Systems [D13] 0 Apr 2008 Brian Cobb NASCC
Cool Castings and Green Ideas from Europe [E4] 0 Apr 2008 Alain Nussbaumer NASCC
Non-Destructive Examination and Special Inspection of Seismic Welding [E5-R] 0 Apr 2008 Mike Mayes NASCC
Designing with Damping [X3] 0 Apr 2008 Robert McNamara NASCC
Development and Testing of Long Span Floor Systems for Multistory Residential Steel Construction [E6] 0 Apr 2008 Amit Varma; Devin Huber NASCC
Basic Principals and Recent Developments in Steel Deck Diaphragm Design [E11] 0 Apr 2008 Sam Easterling NASCC
An Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Codes-Part 1: Basic Concepts in Ductile Detailing [E12-R] 0 Apr 2008 Michael Engelhardt NASCC
Effects of Post-Tensioned Concrete Slabs on Composite Steel Beams [E16-R] 0 Apr 2008 Kent Harries NASCC
Steel Solutions for Low-Floor-to-Floor Multi-Story Residential Housing [E18] 0 Apr 2008 Daniel Fisher NASCC
Rules of Thumb for Steel Design [E19] 0 Apr 2008 Socrates Ioannides NASCC
Quality Assurance for Structural Engineering Firms - Tips, Techniques and Strategies [E20] 0 Apr 2008 Cliff Schwinger NASCC
AISC Certification: Considerations for Special and Not-So-Special Inspection [E21] 0 Apr 2008 Keith Landwehr; Kurt Gustafson; Brian Miller NASCC
Effective IT Strategies and Policies to Improve Your Bottom Line [E23-R] 0 Apr 2008 Shani Karasanti; Vincent Ferrara NASCC
Constructability and Teamwork [F3] 0 Apr 2008 David Ruby NASCC
Using Cold Formed Steel Members - Where Do I Begin? [F7] 0 Apr 2008 Roger LaBoube; Brian Jaks NASCC
New Technology for Fabrication [F8] 0 Apr 2008 Mike Sharp NASCC
A Discussion of Elements Impacting the Fabrication Schedule at Waiward [F12] 0 Apr 2008 Jim Kanerva NASCC
Construction Contracts: Who's the Fairest of Them All? AIA vs. ConsensusDOCS [F14] 0 Apr 2008 Matthew Gillies; Anne Gorham NASCC
Partially Restrained and Flexible Moment Connections [P7] 0 Apr 2008 Louis Geschwindner NASCC