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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time.  All recordings are free to view. 

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
You Can't Purchase BIM From Your Software Vendor 0 Mar 2014 Martyn Weir; Wayne Morrison NASCC
Working with Large Trusses 0 Mar 2014 Stuart Sherrill; Marc Robitaille NASCC
Working Together to Create Quality Shop and Field Drawings 0 Mar 2014 Steve Burkholder; Joel Hicks; Tyler Estabrooks; Kirk Harman NASCC
Women in Construction--A Panel Discussion 0 Mar 2014 Lynda Leigh; Nina Choy; Babette Freund NASCC
Wind Research and Project Studies 0 Mar 2014 Peter Irwin; Gregory Kopp NASCC
Why Should I Care What Our Employees Think? 0 Mar 2014 Julian Chapman NASCC
Where'd My Ethics Go? 0 Mar 2014 Bruce Demeter NASCC
What's the ""M"" in BrIM - Modeling or Management? 0 Mar 2014 Karl Frank; Ronnie Medlock; John Cooper NASCC
What Every Engineer Needs to Know About Performance-Based Design 0 Mar 2014 Ron Hamburger NASCC
Weld Inspection: What Matters and What Doesn't 0 Mar 2014 Duane Miller NASCC