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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Design Tips for Constructible Steel-Framed Buildings in High-Seismic Regions 1.5 Mar 2014 John Hooper, PE, SE, and Scott Adan, PhD, SE NASCC
Understanding the Code of Standard Practice 1.5 Mar 2014 Glenn Bishop, PE and David I. Ruby, PE, SE NASCC
Floor Vibrations on Joist Framed Floors (slide errata) [N31] 0 Mar 2014 David Samuelson; Tom Murray NASCC
The Much Anticipated Multi-tier Concentric Braced Frame Procedures [N32] 0 Mar 2014 Larry Fahnestock; Robert Tremblay NASCC
Advances Toward Characteristic Overstrength Factors for Buckling Restrained Braced Frames [N34] 0 Mar 2014 Mark Daniels; Brandt Saxey NASCC
So You Want to Use K-Factors, Do You? The Effective Length Method vs. the Direct Analysis Method [N40] 0 Mar 2014 Louis F. Geschwindner NASCC
Tanks, Bins, Chutes, and Hoppers [N41] 0 Mar 2014 Metro Hrabok; Mark Lasby NASCC
Are You Managing Too Much? Or Not Enough? [N42] 0 Mar 2014 Kerri Olsen NASCC
Embrace the Brace [N43] 0 Mar 2014 Terri Meyer Boake NASCC
Weld Inspection: What Matters and What Doesn't [N44] 0 Mar 2014 Duane Miller NASCC