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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
All Detailers Are Not Created Equal [N48] 0 Mar 2015 Alden Prier NASCC
Current Development in the Bolt Spec [N13] 0 Mar 2015 Allen Harrold NASCC
Innovative Manufacturing of Conical Steel Tubular Towers supporting Wind Turbines [N17] 0 Mar 2015 Andrew Myers; Eric Smith NASCC
Recent Developments in Design for Ponding [N29] 0 Mar 2015 Arvind V. Goverdhan; J.R. Ubejd Mujagic NASCC
Birth of the Steel Skyscraper [N45] 0 Mar 2015 Benjamin W. Schafer NASCC
Topics in Structural Stability Research [S2] 0 Mar 2015 Benjamin W. Schafer NASCC
Beedle Presentation Session: David A. Nethercot [S9] 0 Mar 2015 Benjamin W. Schafer NASCC
Orchestrating the Nashville Music City Center Steel Frame [N33] 0 Mar 2015 Bill Hanson; Jason Turk NASCC
Stability Design of Connection Elements [N37] 0 Mar 2015 Bo Dowswell NASCC
Sustainability 2015: Understanding Life cycle Assessments [N51] 0 Mar 2015 Brandie Seebastian; Mark Thomas; John Cross NASCC