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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Bridge Information Modeling--Towards an Industry Exchange Standard [B17] 0 Apr 2016 Scot Becker; Samy Elsayed; Ian Trudeau NASCC,WSBS
Lessons I Wish I Had Known Starting Out: The Fabricator Edition [R4] 0 Apr 2016 Socrates Ioannides; Tony Hazel NASCC
Stability of Beam-Columns [S2] 0 Apr 2016 Barry T. Rosson; Yared Shifferaw; Trevor Rabare; Shahabeddin Torabian; Bejamin W. Schafer; Hamed Amouzegar; Woo Yong Jeong; Donald W. White NASCC
Stability of Steel Frames and Systems [S4] 0 Apr 2016 Safa S. Masajedian; Robert G. Driver; Panos Pantidis; Simos Gerasimidis; Bulent N. Alemdar; Igor J.M. Lemes; Ricardo A.M. Silveira; Andrea R.D. Silva; Paulo A.S. Rocha NASCC
Stability of Angles, Channels, and Z-Shaped Members [S7] 0 Apr 2016 Alexandre Landesmann; Renato Cruz; Dinar Camotim; Pedro B. Dinis; Michael W. Seek; Andreas Taras; Harald Unterweger NASCC
Beedle Presentation Session: Professor Roger A. LaBoube [S9] 0 Apr 2016 Roger A. LaBoube; Andre Dias Martins; Dinar Camotim; Pedro B. Dinis; Astrid Winther Fischer; Benjamin W. Schafer NASCC
Stability of Wall Systems [S11] 0 Apr 2016 Mahsa Mahdavian; Cheng Yu; Wenying Zhang; Aritra Chatterjee; Junle Cai; Cristopher D. Moen; Deniz Ayhan; Benjamin W. Schafer; Qiuhong Zhao; Jing Qiu; Han Zhu; Carlos Graciano; Paulo Teixeira; Gabriela Martinez NASCC
Case Studies in Construction Engineering of New and Existing Complex Steel Bridges [B6] 1.5 Apr 2016 James Gregg, PE, Bob Cisneros, PE & Andrew Keaschall, PE, SE NASCC,WSBS