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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time.  All recordings are free to view. 

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Delegated Connection Design: What Are the EOR's Responsibilities? 0 Apr 2016 Pat Fortney; SE; PE; P.Eng.; PhD. NASCC
Steel Floor Design for Vibration-sensitive Equipment 0 Apr 2016 Brad Davis NASCC
Nonbuilding Structures and Nonstructural Components 0 Apr 2016 Chris Kimball NASCC
Current Views from Past Higgins Award Winners: Shankar Nair 0 Apr 2016 Shankar Nair NASCC
Riveting Redux 0 Apr 2016 Quentin Collette; Matt Hebdon; Vern Mesler NASCC
Introduction to LOD for Structural Steel 0 Apr 2016 David Merrifield NASCC
New Supplement to Nuclear Specification on Composite SC Walls in Nuclear Facilities 0 Apr 2016 Amit Varma; Taha Al-Shawaf NASCC
Classical Analysis Approaches Applied to 2nd-order Analysis 0 Apr 2016 Louis F. Geschwindner NASCC
More Opportunities with the Direct Analysis Method 0 Apr 2016 Larry Griffis; Ron Ziemian NASCC
Training the Trades Using a Distance Learning Model 0 Apr 2016 Bryan McClure NASCC