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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Answers to your AISC Certification Questions [Q1] 0 Apr 2020 Larry Martof; Mark Trimble; Todd Alwood NASCC
A Primer on Lateral Load-Resisting Frames Using Steel Joists and Joist Girders [E10] 0 Apr 2020 Bruce Brothersen NASCC
A Tale of Two Cities: Assessment of Existing Iron and Steel Structures [C5] 0 Apr 2020 Chris Hewitt NASCC
Advances in Erection Engineering for High-Rise Steel Structures [R4] 0 Apr 2020 Tim Nelson NASCC
AISC Research: Understanding and Improving the Seismic Performance of Chevron Configured Special Concentrically Braced Frames [U5] 0 Apr 2020 Charles Roeder; Dawn Lehman NASCC
Architecturally EXPOSED! From High-Tech Architecture to Today's Best Practices in Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel [A5] 0 Apr 2020 Terri Boake NASCC
Best Practices for Steel Joist, Joist Girder, and Steel Deck Construction [Y2] 0 Apr 2020 Doug Hoffman; Tim Holtermann NASCC
Change Orders: How to Avoid Making Their Problems Your Problems [L1] 0 Apr 2020 George Pallas NASCC
Complex Steel Bridge Load Rating [B18] 0 Apr 2020 Brett Mattas; Parker Thompson; Sonia Lowry NASCC,WSBS
COVID-19: Your Construction Contract and Insurance Questions Answered! [L5] 0 Apr 2020 John A. Greenhall; Jonathan A. Cass NASCC
Current Information on Constraint-Induced Fractures and Intersecting Welds [B25] 0 Apr 2020 Domenic Coletti; Robert Connor NASCC,WSBS
Cyber Threats in the Construction Industry [T9] 0 Apr 2020 Gregg Bundschuh NASCC
Delegating Connection Design [O4] 0 Apr 2020 Cliff Schwinger NASCC
Design and Detail Issues That Add Cost to Structural Steel Projects--and How to Avoid Them [Y11] 0 Apr 2020 Brian Volpe NASCC
Design Guide 10: Erection Bracing of Low-Rise Structural Steel Buildings [R5] 0 Apr 2020 Michael West NASCC
Designing Built-Up Flexural Members [E3] 0 Apr 2020 Lou Geschwindner NASCC
Don't Be Scared! Learn How to Manage Conflict [Z7] 0 Apr 2020 Jim Reeves NASCC
Economic Design of SMF Connection Continuity Plate Welds [O13] 0 Apr 2020 Kevin Moore; Adel Mashayekh NASCC
Effectively Influence Others to Optimize Results [Z4] 0 Apr 2020 Dan Coughlin NASCC
Fast and Efficient Design for Stability [E4] 0 Apr 2020 Rafael Sabelli; Larry Griffis NASCC