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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Probing the buckling of axially compressed cylindrical shells: Stability landscape and nondestructive prediction 0 Mar 2022 Kshitij Kumar Yadav; Nicholas L. Cuccia; Emmanuel Virot; Shmuel M. Rubinstein; Simos Gerasimidis SSRC
Prediction of the load-displacement and local buckling behavior of hollow structural sections using Deep Neural Networks (DNN) 0 Mar 2022 Andreas Müller; Andreas Taras SSRC
Potential for Using Tubular Sections in Open Web Steel Joists 0 Mar 2022 Hollis L. Caswell V; Ronald D. Ziemian SSRC
Optimization of cold-formed steel members considering reduced stiffness and strength due to cross-sectional instabilities 0 Mar 2022 Damir Ackurin; Chu Ding; Yu Xia; Hannah B. Blum; Benjamin W. Schafer; Zhanjie Li SSRC
Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis and Fragility Development of Electrical Transmission Towers under Hurricanes 0 Mar 2022 Xinlong Du; Jerome F. Hajjar SSRC
New developments in the design of bolted or welded single steel angle members in compression 0 Mar 2022 Markus Kettler; Paul Zauchner; Harald Unterweger SSRC
Local Buckling Expressions for Lipped Channels 0 Mar 2022 Muhie Dean Ahdab; Astrid Winther Fischer; Chu Ding; Bob Glauz; Benjamin W. Schafer SSRC
Lateral-Distortional Buckling of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams: Kinematics, GBT Constrained Modes and Analytical Formulae 0 Mar 2022 Carlos M. Andrade Jr.; Cilmar Basaglia; Dinar Camotim; Heitor F. Araujo SSRC
Impact of attachment pattern on the out-of-plane buckling capacity of light-gage corrugated steel decks 0 Mar 2022 Divyansh R. Kapoor; Kara D. Peterman SSRC
Global and local stability of reticulated domes based on the valency of structural elements 0 Mar 2022 Ranjith Kolakkattil; Konstantinos Daniel Tsavdaridis; Arul Jayachandran Sanjeevi SSRC