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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Delegating Connection Design [O4] 0 Apr 2020 Cliff Schwinger NASCC
Fatigue of Welded Connections [B27] 0 Apr 2020 Duane Miller NASCC,WSBS
The Latest Research on Shear Connector Placement in Bridge Design [B22] 0 Apr 2020 Gary Prinz; Jason Provines NASCC,WSBS
Get to Know the NSBA Designer Resources for Faster Results [B2] 0 Apr 2020 Domenic Coletti; Chris Garrell NASCC,WSBS
Railroad Bridges: A Unique Experience [B11] 0 Apr 2020 Clay Greenwell; Rick Floyd NASCC,WSBS
Architecturally EXPOSED! From High-Tech Architecture to Today's Best Practices in Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel [A5] 0 Apr 2020 Terri Boake NASCC
The Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges as a Handbook for Project Management [W4] 0 Apr 2020 Mark Holland NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - An Erector's Perspective [P3] 0 Apr 2020 Philip Torchio NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - An Engineer's Perspective [P2] 0 Apr 2020 Mike West NASCC
Your Code of Standard Practice - A Fabricator's Perspective [P1] 0 Apr 2020 Scott Armbrust NASCC
Pricing Study of Recently Constructed Steel and Concrete Bridges [B7] 0 Apr 2020 Michael DiGregorio NASCC,WSBS
New and Proposed Changes to the Bridge Welding Code [B4] 0 Apr 2020 Curtis Schroeder; Nina Choy NASCC,WSBS
Lions, and Tigers, and Bearings, Oh My! [B3] 0 Apr 2020 Ronald Watson; Mike Culmo NASCC,WSBS
Current Information on Constraint-Induced Fractures and Intersecting Welds [B25] 0 Apr 2020 Domenic Coletti; Robert Connor NASCC,WSBS
Complex Steel Bridge Load Rating [B18] 0 Apr 2020 Brett Mattas; Parker Thompson; Sonia Lowry NASCC,WSBS
Redundancy of Steel Bridges [B16] 0 Apr 2020 Andrew Smith; Jason Lloyd; Brian Kozy NASCC,WSBS
Towards an Integrated Fracture-Control Plan for Steel Bridges 1 Apr 2019 Robert J. Connor, PhD Webinar
Let's Talk Seismic - In Language We Can All Understand [M2] 1 Apr 2019 Brent Maxfield NASCC
Wedged Cross Sections for Curved Steel Bridges 0 Apr 2019 Thomas Densford, PE; Peter Moser, PE WSBS
Preserving Long Span Bridge Suspension Systems 0 Apr 2019 Joshua D. Pudleiner; Barry R. Colford WSBS