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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
In-Service Evaluation of Steel Bridges [B2] 0 Mar 2014 Scott Civjan; Patrick Gallagher; Jeremiah Fasl NASCC,WSBS
Developing Design-Build Proposals for Bridge Projects - Things I Learned the Hard Way, Part 1 [B3] 0 Mar 2014 Mark Ennis; Bill McEneley; Ken Price NASCC,WSBS
All Things Metal - Updates on Developments in the Material Sciences [B8] 0 Mar 2014 Rob Thurton; Normoz Serdaj; Charles-Darwin Annan; Duane Miller NASCC,WSBS
Shear Connectors for Prefabricated, Modular Steel Bridge Systems [B11] 0 Mar 2014 Scott Walbridge; Jason Provines NASCC,WSBS
Potpourri II [B15] 0 Mar 2014 John D. Bond; Mehdi Zarghamee; Diane Campione NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Erection - Lessons in Launching [B19] 0 Mar 2014 Jerry Phuntner; Matthew Bowser; Matthias Carter NASCC,WSBS
Developments in Rail Bridge Design from Around the World [B20] 0 Mar 2014 Hellen Christodoulou; Manuel Escamilla; Duncan Paterson; Peter Mulqueen NASCC,WSBS
Updated Bridge Certification Program: What Does it Mean for the Engineer? [B21] 0 Mar 2014 Jacques Cattan; Todd Alwood NASCC,WSBS
Quality and the Bridge Engineer [B22] 0 Mar 2014 Shane Beabes NASCC,WSBS
Japan's Experience in Kobe & Revisiting W1 Indications [C4] 0 Mar 2014 Tom Schlafly; Masayoshi Nakashima; Duane Miller NASCC