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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
ATFP Retrofits for Unconventional Building Systems [N10] 1 Apr 2018 Peggy Van Eepoel, PE; Scott Wood, PE NASCC
Buyer Beware: Choosing the Right Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Category [N11] 1 Apr 2018 Jacinda Collins, PE; David Weaver, PE NASCC
Protective Coating Specifications - Part 2 [2] 0 Apr 2018 Jim Kunkle NASCC
Introducing Design Guide 21 Welded Connections, Second Edition [C1] 0 Apr 2018 Duane Miller, PE, ScD NASCC
Stiffeners, Doublers, Web plates -- Oh My! [C2] 0 Apr 2018 Carol Drucker, SE, PE, PEng; Michael Herriges NASCC
Connection Design Efficiency Loss [C7] 0 Apr 2018 David McBride, PE; David Wright, PE; Robert Johnson NASCC
Crane and Lift Planning [E1] 0 Apr 2018 Jim Jatho NASCC
What an Engineer Needs to Know about Steel Erection [E3] 0 Apr 2018 Curtis Mayes, PE NASCC
Bolt it Right the First Time: Teaching Quality is Easier than You Think [E4] 0 Apr 2018 John O'Brien; Larry Housel NASCC
Structural Steel and Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments [G1] 0 Apr 2018 John Cross, PE; Kishore Mahbubani; Mark Thimons, PE NASCC