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Computed Strength of Uni-Axially Loaded Battened Columns Composed of Four Cold Formed Angles

Cold-formed steel structural members play a great role in modern steel structures due to their high strength and light weight. The behavior and strength of battened column members composed of slender angle sections are mainly governed by local buckling of angle legs or torsional buckling of the whole angle between batten plates. Moreover, local buckling depends on the interaction between the width-thickness ratio of angle leg, overall slenderness ratios of angle between batten plates as well as the overall slenderness ratios of the columns. A nonlinear finite element model was developed to study the effect of the aforementioned factors on the ultimate capacity of uni-axially loaded columns. A parametric study was performed on a group of battened beam-columns with variable angle legs width-thickness ratios, angle local slenderness ratios, and column overall slenderness ratios. In addition detailed measurements for the geometric and material imperfections that arise from manufacturing and handling is presented together with there effects on the ultimate strength. Finally, interactive axial load bending moment curves were produced and compared with that of different design rules.

  • Date: 4/18/2012 - 4/20/2012
  • PDH Credits: 0


Mohamed A. El Aghoury; Adel H. Salem; Ain Shams University; Cairo; Egypt; Maged T. Hanna; National Housing and Building Research Center; Cairo; Egypt; Essam A. Amoush; Higher Technological Institute; Cairo Egypt

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