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Design of Column Reinforcement [L2]

This session is your practical guide to designing reinforced columns with the 2016 AISC Specification! It will primarily focus on the Effective Length Method, which has traditionally been used for the design of reinforced columns. It will also present a new method, similar to the Direct Analysis Method. The effect of pre-load, a stepped-member approach for the design of columns with partial-length reinforcement, and the required weld strength connecting the reinforcement to the existing column will also be discussed.

This course is based on a past NASCC session. 

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Intended Audience: Engineers
Track: Design Analysis

Relevant Links:

Dalal S.T (1969), “Some Non-Conventional Cases of Column Design,” Engineering Journal, AISC, January:

Dowswell, Bo (2013), “Design of Reinforcement for Steel Members - Part 1,” AISC Webinar:

Dowswell, Bo (2014), “Design of Reinforcement for Steel Members - Part 2,” AISC Webinar:

  • Date: 4/4/2019
  • PDH Credits: 1


Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD


Design of Column Reinforcement