Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Structural Stability -- Letting the Fundamentals Guide Your Judgment 1.5 Apr-20 Ronald D. Ziemian, PhD Webinar
Seismic Design in Steel -- Concepts and Examples (Part 6): Building Analysis and Diaphragm Design (L2) 1.5 Sep-18 Rafael Sabelli, SE Webinar
Direct Analysis Method Applications and Examples 1.5 Dec-16 David Landis, PE Webinar
Advances in Stability Analysis [S1] 0 Apr-19   NASCC
Application of Inelastic Buckling Analysis for Design Assessment of Frames Using Nonprismatic I-Section Members 0 Apr-19 Oguzhan Togay, Ryan Slein and Donald W. White; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA SSRC
Design by Advanced Elastic Analysis - An Investigation of Beam-Columns Resisting Minor-Axis Bending 0 Apr-19 Yunfei (Phoebe) Wang; Cornell University; Ithaca, NY; Ronald D. Ziemian; Bucknell University; Lewisburg, PA SSRC
Stability of Aboveground Open-Top Tanks Subjected to Wind Loading: Static and Dynamic Analyses 0 Apr-19 Yen-Chen Chiang, William B. Rich and Sukru Guzey; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Frequently Misunderstood Wind and Seismic Provisions [N32] 0 Apr-18 Emily Guglielmo, SE, PE, CE NASCC
Roof Design Using Iterative Analysis For Ponding Loads [N24] 0 Apr-18 James Fisher, PE, PhD; Mark Denavit, PE, PhD NASCC
Tips for Validating the Results of Structural Engineering Software [N29] 0 Apr-18 Clifford Schwinger, PE NASCC
Load Paths--There is Not Always a Yellow Brick Road [E10a] 0 Mar-17 Scott Roche NASCC
Practical Uses of Non-Linear Pushover Analysis [E22a] 0 Mar-17 Jerod Johnson NASCC
A Notional Load Yield Line Model for Gusset Plate Stability [N33A] 0 Apr-16 Bo Doswell NASCC
Advanced Analysis Techniques for Design and Erection [B3] 0 Apr-16 Paul Biju-Duval; Duncan Paterson; Anna Rakoczy NASCC,WSBS
Advances in Analysis and Design for Stability [S8] 0 Apr-16 Sandor Adany; Junle Cai; Christopher D. Moen; Bob Glauz; Pedro B. Dinis; Dinar Camotim; Ben Young NASCC
Analysis and Design of Stabilizer Plates in Single Plate Shear Connections [N61] 0 Apr-16 Patrick J. Fortney; William Thornton NASCC
Classical Analysis Approaches Applied to 2nd-order Analysis [N55A] 0 Apr-16 Louis F. Geschwindner NASCC
Current Views from Past Higgins Award Winners: Shankar Nair [N48] 0 Apr-16 Shankar Nair NASCC
GBT-Based Buckling Analysis of Circular Cylindrical Steel Shells under Uniform External Pressure 0 Apr-16 Climar Basaglia and Leandro Palermo Jr., University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil; Dinar Camotim and Nuno Silvestre, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
More Opportunities with the Direct Analysis Method [N57A] 0 Apr-16 Larry Griffis; Ron Ziemian NASCC
Nonlinear Analyses of Stiffened Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Gravity Effects 0 Apr-16 Qiuhong Zhao and Jing Qiu, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China SSRC
Steel Structures in Fire: New Approaches for Modeling and Analysis [N32A] 0 Apr-16 Mina Seif; Joseph Main NASCC
Stiffness Reduction Within the Direct Analysis Method--Composite Design [N10] 0 Apr-16 Mark Denavit NASCC