Beams and Flexural Members

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Lateral-Torsional Buckling and its Influence on the Strength of Beams [E21a] 1.5 Mar-17 Craig Quadrato, PhD, PE; Perry S. Green, PhD, PE NASCC
Effective Bracing of Flexural Members and Systems in Steel Buildings and Bridges 1 Mar-18 Todd A. Helwig, PhD Webinar
A Modified Approach Towards Estimating the Lateral Torsional Buckling Effective Length 0 Apr-19 Joel Ben John and Lakshmi Priya Subramanian; Indian Institute of Technology Madras; Chennai, India SSRC
Large-Scale Lateral--Torsional Buckling Tests of Welded Girders 0 Apr-19 Xiao Lin Ji, Robert G. Driver and Ali Imanpour; University of Alberta; Edmonton, Canada SSRC
Moment Gradient Factor for Lateral--Torsional Buckling of T-Shaped Beams 0 Apr-19 Michael Manarin, Robert G. Driver amd Yong Li; University of Alberta; Edmonton, Canada SSRC
On the Interaction Between Local and Lateral-Torsional Buckling of I-Shaped Slender Section Beams 0 Apr-19 Carlos Couto and Paulo Vila Real; University of Aveiro; Aveiro, Portugal SSRC
Stability of Beams and Girders [S2] 0 Apr-19   NASCC
Strengthening Beam Sections of Industrial Buildings Against Lateral Torsional Buckling 0 Apr-19 Sepehr Movaghati; Poe Engineering, Inc.; Memphis, TN SSRC
Topics in Lateral-Torsional Buckling [S9] 0 Apr-19   NASCC
Direct Strength Approach to Predict the Flexural Strength of Cold-Formed Z-Section Purlins on Sloped Roofs 0 Apr-18 Ali Parva and Michael W Seek; Old Dominion University; Norfolk, VA SSRC
Direct Strength Prediction of Cold-Formed Z-Section Purlins with Support Torsion Braces Combined with Span Lateral Braces 0 Apr-18 Michael W. Seek and Ali Parva; Old Dominion University; Norfolk, VA SSRC
Distortional Failure and DSM Design of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Beams under Non-Uniform Bending 0 Apr-18 Isis Cler Depolli and Alexandre Landesmann; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Brazil; Dinar Camotim and Andr‚ Dias Martins; Universidade de Lisboa; Portugal SSRC
Parametric Study of Hole Pattern Influence on Average Bending Stiffness 0 Apr-18 Robert S. Glauz; RSG Software, Inc.; Lee's Summit, MO SSRC
Stability of Flexural Members [S3] 0 Apr-18 Oguz Egilmez, PhD; Jean Batista Abreu, PhD; Bob Glauz, PE NASCC
Strength Requirements for Shear Diaphragms Used for Stability Bracing of Steel Beams 0 Apr-18 O. Ozgur Egilmez; Yasar University; Bornova, Turkey; Mustafa Vardaroglu; University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”; Caserta, Italy SSRC
Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Simply Supported Anisotropic Steel-FRP Beams Under Pure Bending Condition 0 Mar-17 Hayder A. Rasheed, Habiburrahman Ahmadi and AlaaEldin Abouelleil, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS SSRC
T.R. Higgins Lecture: Effective Bracing of Flexural Members and Systems in Steel Buildings and Bridges [K2] 0 Mar-17 Todd Helwig NASCC