Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Benefits of Steel in Accelerated Bridge Construction 1.5 Jun-18 Michael Culmo, PE Webinar
Lean-on Bracing for Steel I-Shaped Girders 1.5 Apr-18 Jamie Farris, PE Webinar
Case Studies in Construction Engineering of New and Existing Complex Steel Bridges [B6] 1.5 Apr-16 James Gregg, PE, Bob Cisneros, PE & Andrew Keaschall, PE, SE NASCC,WSBS
Pedestrian Bridges - Unique Design and Analysis [B2] 1 Apr-19 William Goulet, SE; Marian Barth, PE; Dipal Vimawala, PE; Jixing He NASCC,WSBS
Towards an Integrated Fracture-Control Plan for Steel Bridges 1 Apr-19 Robert J. Connor, PhD Webinar
Effective Bracing of Flexural Members and Systems in Steel Buildings and Bridges 1 Mar-18 Todd A. Helwig, PhD Webinar
Challenging Bridge Projects in Steel [B11] 1 Apr-16 Shane Beabes, PE; Chris Stine, PE, SE NASCC
Recommendation for Improved Steel Design (for Bridges) [B10] 1 Apr-16 Domenic Coletti, PE; Dennis Golabek, PE NASCC,WSBS
That's Not Fracture-Critical: Classifying System Redundant Members 0 Aug-20 Dayi Wang, PE, PhD; Jamie Farris, PE; Andrew Smith, PE Webinar
Complex Steel Bridge Load Rating [B18] 0 Apr-20 Brett Mattas; Parker Thompson; Sonia Lowry NASCC,WSBS
Current Information on Constraint-Induced Fractures and Intersecting Welds [B25] 0 Apr-20 Domenic Coletti; Robert Connor NASCC,WSBS
Fatigue of Welded Connections [B27] 0 Apr-20 Duane Miller NASCC,WSBS
Get to Know the NSBA Designer Resources for Faster Results [B2] 0 Apr-20 Domenic Coletti; Chris Garrell NASCC,WSBS
Lions, and Tigers, and Bearings, Oh My! [B3] 0 Apr-20 Ronald Watson; Mike Culmo NASCC,WSBS
New and Proposed Changes to the Bridge Welding Code [B4] 0 Apr-20 Curtis Schroeder; Nina Choy NASCC,WSBS
Pricing Study of Recently Constructed Steel and Concrete Bridges [B7] 0 Apr-20 Michael DiGregorio NASCC,WSBS
Railroad Bridges: A Unique Experience [B11] 0 Apr-20 Clay Greenwell; Rick Floyd NASCC,WSBS
Redundancy of Steel Bridges [B16] 0 Apr-20 Andrew Smith; Jason Lloyd; Brian Kozy NASCC,WSBS
The Latest Research on Shear Connector Placement in Bridge Design [B22] 0 Apr-20 Gary Prinz; Jason Provines NASCC,WSBS
2018 Prize Bridges [B23] 0 Apr-19 Bob Goodrich, PE ; Jason Provines, PE NASCC,WSBS
A Second Look at Corrosion: Uncoated Weathering Steel Update & High-Performance Coatings in Florida [B15] 0 Apr-19 Jennifer McConnell, PE, PhD ; Paul Vinik, PE NASCC,WSBS
Accelerated Bridge Construction Case Study: Bear Creek Bridge Slide 0 Apr-19 Chris Ray; George Avalos WSBS
Challenges Encountered During Construction and Demolition [B20] 0 Apr-19 Fady Kari, PE ; Lucas Morgan, PE ; Paul Biju-Duval, PhD ; Telmo Andr‚s S nchez, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Challenging and Unique Projects - Part 1 [B14] 0 Apr-19 Soliman Khudeira, SE, PE, PhD ; Thomas Densford, PE NASCC,WSBS
Challenging and Unique Projects - Part 2 [B16] 0 Apr-19 Johann Aakre, PE, SE ; Herbert Protin, PE NASCC,WSBS
Corrosion Prevention for Extending Steel Bridge Service Life 0 Apr-19 J. Peter Ault, PE WSBS
Corrosion Resistant Alloyed Steel for Low Maintenance Steel Bridges 0 Apr-19 Jason Provines, PE; Stephen Sharp, PE, PhD WSBS
Design and Maintenance of Steel Bridges for Corrosion Control [B10] 0 Apr-19 Peter Ault, PE ; Jason Provines, PE NASCC,WSBS
Design of Hydraulic Transfer Bridges 0 Apr-19 Herbert Protin, PE; Peter Davis, PE; Shadi Ammar, PE; Nicholas Piciocco, EIT WSBS
Engineering Challenge: The Rehabilitation of the Pulaski Skyway Bridge 0 Apr-19 Ruben Gajer; Jaimin Amin; Glenn P. Deppert; Khairul Alam; Reilly Thompson; Matt Tchorz WSBS
Experimental and Numerical Studies on the M-V-N Interaction of Longitudinally Stiffened I-girders 0 Apr-19 Andre Biscaya and Jose O. Pedro; Instituto Superior Tecnico; Lisbon, Portugal; Ulrike Kuhlmann; Stuttgart University; Stuttgart, Germany SSRC
Experimental Study on the Lateral-Torsional Buckling Strength of Trapezoidally Corrugated Web Girders 0 Apr-19 Bence Jager, Balazs Kövesdi and Laszlo Dunai; Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Budapest, Hungary SSRC
Experiments and Computations on Steel Bridge Corroded Beam Ends 0 Apr-19 George Tzortzinis, Brendan T. Knickle, Simos Gerasimidis, Alexander Bardow and Sergio F. Brena; University of Massachusettes Amherst; Amherst, MA SSRC
Fanny Appleton Pedestrian Bridge Detailing and Vibration Performance 0 Apr-19 William Goulet; Marian Barth WSBS
Fatigue Cracking from Unexpected Conditions 0 Apr-19 Natalie McCombs, SE, PE WSBS
Fatigue: Unique Loading & Crack Detection Technology [B12] 0 Apr-19 William Collins, PE, PhD ; Natalie McCombs, SE, PE NASCC,WSBS
Halsted Street Bridge over Chicago River North Branch Canal 0 Apr-19 Soliman Khudeira, SE, PE, PhD WSBS
Improving The Quality of Steel Bridge Fabrication Through Communication [B1] 0 Apr-19 Brad Dillman, PE ; Chris Crosby, PE NASCC,WSBS
Iowa DOT Building Information Model for Bridges and Structures Pilot Project 0 Apr-19 Grant Schmitz, PE; Ahmad Abu-Hawash, PE WSBS
It's All In The Details [B7] 0 Apr-19 Todd A. Helwig, PhD ; Gary Prinz, PhD ; Gary Wisch, PE NASCC,WSBS
Lessons Learned in the Launching of Steel Girder Bridges 0 Apr-19 T. Andres Sanchez, PhD; Michael LaViolette, PE WSBS
Long Span Bridges [B18] 0 Apr-19 Jeff Smith, PE ; Robert Magliola, SE, PE ; Samantha Kevern, PE ; Dennis Heckman, PE NASCC,WSBS
Longfellow Bridge Historic Rehabilitation 0 Apr-19 Mark Ennis; Alison Love WSBS
New AASHTO ABC Guide Specification & Unique Projects [B21] 0 Apr-19 Mike Culmo, PE ; Jake Williams, PE NASCC,WSBS
New and Exciting Changes to Welding for Bridges [B4] 0 Apr-19 Ronnie Medlock, PE ; Nina Choy, PE NASCC,WSBS
Pennsylvania's First Exoderic Deck: Accelerated Deck Replacement & Rehabilitation of the Liberty Bridge 0 Apr-19 Roger Eaton, PE; Jason Zang, PE WSBS
Poplar Street Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening 0 Apr-19 Gregory Kuntz, PE; Cory Imhoff, PE; Ryan Shaw, PE WSBS
Preserving Long Span Bridge Suspension Systems 0 Apr-19 Joshua D. Pudleiner; Barry R. Colford WSBS
Rating and Evaluation of Existing Steel Bridges [B25] 0 Apr-19 Amanda Bao ; Christopher Higgins, PE, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Redundancy of Steel Bridges - Part 1 [B5] 0 Apr-19 Francisco Bonachera Martin ; Dave Kiekbusch ; Robert Connor, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Redundancy of Steel Bridges - Part 2 [B17] 0 Apr-19 Tony Shkurti, PE, PhD ; Brian Kozy, PE, PhD ; Jason Lloyd, SE, PE, PhD ; Francesco Russo, PE, PhD ; Matthew Hebdon, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Repair, Strengthening, and Re-use of Steel Girder Bridges: Two Case Studies 0 Apr-19 Brandon Chavel, PE, PhD; Jacob Wroten, PE WSBS
Research and Construction of Press-brake-formed Steel Tub Girder Bridges [B3] 0 Apr-19 Karl Barth, PhD ; Guy Nelson, SE, PE NASCC,WSBS
Seabrook Strauss Bascule Bridge Floor System Replacement and Bottom Chord Rehabilitation 0 Apr-19 Gregory P. Taravella, PE; James W. H. Costigan, EIT WSBS
Steel Bridge Design and Practice in Europe and Japan [B11] 0 Apr-19 Henk Kolstein, PhD ; Chitoshi Miki, PhD NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Design Resources: Introduction and Application [B13] 0 Apr-19 Brandon Chavel, PE, PhD ; Domenic Coletti, PE NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Member Resistance - AASHTO Compared to Other International Codes 0 Apr-19 Steve Rhodes, CEng; Bryan Donoghue, Ceng; Terry Cakebread, CEng WSBS
Steel Bridge Rehabilitation, Retrofit, and Reuse - Part 1 [B8] 0 Apr-19 Brandon Chavel, PE, PhD ; Jacob Wroten, PE ; Mark Ennis, PE ; Alison Love ; Gregory Kuntz, PE ; Stacy McMillan, PE NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Rehabilitation, Retrofit, and Reuse - Part 2 [B19] 0 Apr-19 Francesco Russo, PE, PhD ; Caroline Bennett, PhD ; Tyler Thomas NASCC,WSBS
Steel Bridge Rehabilitation, Retrofit, and Reuse - Part 3 [B24] 0 Apr-19 Gregory Taravella, PE ; James Costigan ; Joshua Pudleiner, PE, STSC ; Barry Colford, PE, CEng, FICE NASCC,WSBS
Technologies to Assist with Bridge Design, Fabrication, and Construction [B22] 0 Apr-19 Grant Schmitz, PE ; Hoda Azari, PhD NASCC,WSBS
The Champ Clark Bridge 0 Apr-19 Jeff Smith, PE WSBS
The Cumberland Flyover Bridge - A Shallow Curved Steel Girder Design Example 0 Apr-19 Johann Aakre, PE, SE; Irsilia Colletti, PE WSBS
The Rehabilitation of the Pulaski Skyway Bridge [B9] 0 Apr-19 Ruben Gajer NASCC,WSBS
The Steel Advantage in Accelerated Bridge Construction [B6] 0 Apr-19 Christian Ray, PE, PEng, PMP ; Mike Laviolette, PE, PEng ; Roger Eaton ; Jason Zang NASCC,WSBS
U.S. Trunk Highway 53 Girder Design 0 Apr-19 Robert A. Magliola, SE, PE WSBS
Wedged Cross Sections for Curved Steel Bridges 0 Apr-19 Thomas Densford, PE; Peter Moser, PE WSBS
Experimental Study on the Interaction of Partial Top Lateral and K-Frame Bracing on Tub Girders 0 Apr-18 Stalin Armijos Moya, Yang Wang, Todd Helwig, Michael Engelhardt, Patricia Clayton, and Eric Williamson; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Flexural Resistance of Longitudinally Stiffened Curved I-Girders 0 Apr-18 Lakshmi P. Subramanian; Indian Institute of Technology Madras; India; Donald W. White; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA SSRC
Interaction Between Patch Loading, Bending, and Shear in Steel Girder Bridges Erected with the Incremental Launching Method 0 Apr-18 T. Andres Sanchez and Andres F. Robalino; ADSTREN; Quito, Ecuador; Carlos Graciano; Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Bogota, Columbia SSRC
Stability Analyses for a Multi-Span Tied Steel Arch Bridge: AASHTO Effective Length Method, Eigenvalue Analysis and AISC Direct Analysis Method 0 Apr-18 Jonathan Eberle and Soham Mukherjee; AECOM; Los Angeles, CA; Paul Kettleson; MnDOT; Saint Paul, MN; Daniel Baxter and Alexandra Willoughby; Michael Baker International; Chicago, IL SSRC
Stability of Built-Up Girders [S1] 0 Apr-18 Bence Jager; Ajinkya Lokhande; Xiao Lin Ji NASCC
T.R. Higgins Lecture: Towards an Integrated Fracture-Control Plan for Steel Bridges [K3] 0 Apr-18 Robert J. Connor, PhD NASCC
Competitive Steel Solution for Short Spans [B5] 0 Mar-17 Karl Barth; Doug Davis; Scott Uhl NASCC
Corrosion Protection Strategies for Steel Bridges [B10] 0 Mar-17 Jeff Carlson; Jennifer Righman-McConnell; Debbie Simmons NASCC
Engineering for Stability in Bridge Construction -- An NHI Course Overview [B12] 0 Mar-17 Mike Garlich; Todd Helwig NASCC
Experimental Study of Steel Tub Girders with Partial Top Lateral Bracing 0 Mar-17 Stalin Armijos Moya, Yang Wang, Todd A. Helwig, Michael D. Engelhardt, Patricia Clayton and Eric Williamson , University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC
Long Span Steel Bridges [B4] 0 Mar-17 Gregor Wollmann; Thad Kosmicki; Martin Furrer NASCC
Nonlinear Behavior of Global Lateral Buckling of I-Girder Systems 0 Mar-17 Liwei Han and Todd A. Helwig, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC
NSBA Welcome -- Resources and Consideration for Steel Bridges [B1] 0 Mar-17 Danielle Kleinhans; Gregg Freeby; Roger Wade NASCC,WSBS
Partial-Depth Precast Concrete Deck Panels on Curved Bridges 0 Mar-17 Colter E. Roskos, John R. Kintz, Paul Biju-Duval, Todd A. Helwig, Michael D. Engelhardt, Patricia Clayton, Eric Williamson and Ozzie Bayrak, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC
Signature Footbridges: Technical and Aesthetic Design Considerations [CS7a] 0 Mar-17 Sylvain Montminy; Terri Meyer Boake NASCC
Stability of Steel Bridges [S1] 0 Mar-17   NASCC
Steel Bridge Erection Made Simple [B11] 0 Mar-17 Ashley Thrall; Lisa Briggs; Ted Zoli NASCC
T.R. Higgins Lecture: Effective Bracing of Flexural Members and Systems in Steel Buildings and Bridges [K2] 0 Mar-17 Todd Helwig NASCC
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis Software for Straight or Curved Steel Bridges During Construction [B13] 0 Mar-17 Paul Biju-Duval NASCC
Understanding and Reevaluating Fracture Critical - Part 3, An Approach to System Analysis [B8] 0 Mar-17 Rob Connor NASCC
Understanding and Reevaluating Fracture Critical: Existing and Future Policy - Part 1 [B2] 0 Mar-17 Rob Connor; Jamie Farris NASCC
Understanding and Reevaluating Fracture Critical: Research and Strategies - Part 2 [B3] 0 Mar-17 Ryan Sherman; Matthew Hebdon NASCC
Accelerated Bridge Construction [B1] 0 Apr-16 Norm McDonald; Vincent Gastoni; Karl Barth NASCC,WSBS
Advances in the Bridge Fabrication Shop [B4] 0 Apr-16 Terry Logan; Karl Frank; Terry Logan; Ronnie; Medlock NASCC,WSBS
Appraisal of Existing Riveted Connections [N4A] 0 Apr-16 Quentin Collette; Matthew Hebdon; Vern Mesler NASCC
Bridge Information Modeling--Towards an Industry Exchange Standard [B17] 0 Apr-16 Scot Becker; Samy Elsayed; Ian Trudeau NASCC,WSBS
Corrosion Protection Solutions [B2] 0 Apr-16 Tom Langill; Brian Raff; Charles-Darwin Annan NASCC,WSBS
Evaluating the Challenges of Skewed Bridges [B5] 0 Apr-16 Brandon Chavel; Dusten Olds; Myles Lewis; Julie Rivera NASCC,WSBS
Evaluation and Strengthening of In-Service Bridges [B8] 0 Apr-16 William Collins; James Seal; Kerry Kreitman NASCC,WSBS
Federal Policy on Redundancy and Fracture Critical Members [B7] 0 Apr-16 Brian Kozy NASCC
Fracture Critical Determination: Case Studies and Strategies - Part 3 [B18] 0 Apr-16 Reed Ellis; Greg Hasbrouck; Seth Condell NASCC,WSBS
Fracture Critical Determination: Existing and Future Policy - Part 1 [B16] 0 Apr-16 Brian Kozy; Dennis Mertz NASCC,WSBS
Fracture Critical Determination: Research and Strategies - Part 2 [B16] 0 Apr-16 Rob Connor; Matt Hebdon; Ryan Sherman NASCC,WSBS
Heat Straightening and Repair of Collision Damaged FCM Girder Bridge [B14] 0 Apr-16 Eric Setzler; Tyler Thomas NASCC,WSBS
Ideas from Abroad [B15] 0 Apr-16 Juan Sobrino; Riccardo Zanon NASCC,WSBS
Kentucky Lake Bridges--Steel from Beginning to End [B20] 0 Apr-16 Jason Stith; Brad Robson NASCC,WSBS
Lateral Torsional Buckling of Steel Bridge Girders 0 Apr-16 Raphael Thiebaud and Jean-Paul Lebet, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland; Andre Beyer, CTICM, Saint-Aubin, France; Nicolas Boissonnade, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland-Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland SSRC
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing--Real World Application and Results [B21] 0 Apr-16 Terry Logan; Mark Davis; Rob Conner; Daly Suissi NASCC,WSBS
Research in the Behavior Shear Connectors [B4] 0 Apr-16 Jason Provines; Gary Prinz NASCC,WSBS
Riveting Redux [N4A] 0 Apr-16 Quentin Collette; Matt Hebdon; Vern Mesler NASCC
Stability Considerations for the Construction of Steel I-Girder Bridges Using the Incremental Launching Method 0 Apr-16 Maria Emilia Ponton and Andres F. Robalino, ADSTREN, Quito, Ecuador; Telmo Andres Sanchez, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito Ecuador SSRC
Steel in Design Build Projects [B12] 0 Apr-16 Frank Blakemore; Amanda White NASCC,WSBS
Strengthening and Repair of In-Service Bridges [B19] 0 Apr-16 Dennis Noernberg; Steve Olson NASCC,WSBS
Successes in Short Span Steel Bridges [B13] 0 Apr-16 James Carpita; Carlos Duart NASCC,WSBS
Ultimate Strength of Tapered Bridge Girders Under Combined Bending and Shear 0 Apr-16 Metwally Abu-Hamd; Cairo University; Cairo, Egypt; Farah El-Dib; Housing and Building National Research Center; Egypt SSRC
Welcome to the World Steel Bridge Symposium [BK] 0 Apr-16 Roger Ferch; Bill McEleney; Brian Kozy; Basia Mysynski NASCC,WSBS