Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Accurate Direct Strength Method (DSM) Prediction of Column Flexural-Torsional Failure Loads 0 Apr-19 Pedro B. Dinis, Dinar Camotim and Andre D. Martins; Universidade de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal; Alexandre Landesmann; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil SSRC
Analytical and Numerical Buckling Analysis of Rectangular Functionally-Graded Plates under Uniaxial Compression 0 Apr-19 Elias Y. Ali and Yared S. Bayleyegn; Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA SSRC
Application of Inelastic Buckling Analysis for Design Assessment of Frames Using Nonprismatic I-Section Members 0 Apr-19 Oguzhan Togay, Ryan Slein and Donald W. White; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA SSRC
Distortional buckling behavior and design consideration of castellated beams considering residual stresses 0 Apr-19 Xuhong Zhou, Ziqi He and Peng Chen; Chongqing University; Chongqing, China; Jingchao Li; Hunan University; Changsha, China; Zhanjie Li; SUNY Polytechnic Institute; Utica, NY SSRC
Local Buckling of I-Shape Members Bent About Their Weak Axis 0 Apr-19 Anjan K. Bhowmick; Concordia University; Quebec, Canada; Gilbert Grondin; AECOM Canada Ltd; Edmonton, Canada SSRC
Local Buckling of RHS Members with Small-to-Large Corner Radii Subject to Combinations of Axial Force and Biaxial Bending 0 Apr-19 Luís Vieira and Dinar Camotim; Universidade de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal; Rodrigo Goncalves; Universidade NOVA de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Modal Buckling Analysis of Trapezoidal Sheeting 0 Apr-19 Sandor Adany and Qadier Tayseer Aldalaien; Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Budapest, Hungary SSRC
On the Buckling Behavior of Thin-Walled Steel Tubes Subjected to Combinations of Axial Compression and External Lateral Pressure 0 Apr-19 Cilmar Basaglia; University of Campinas; Campinas, Brazil; Dinar Camotim and Nuno Silvestre; Universidade de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
On the Influence of Load Width on Web Compression Buckling Strength 0 Apr-19 Kadir Sener, Jacob White and Amit H. Varma; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN SSRC
Stiffness Matrix for Buckling Analysis of Tapered Steel Members 0 Apr-19 Emad S. Salem; Al-Azhar University; Cairo, Egypt SSRC
The Role of Local Buckling in the Determination of H.S.S. Rotational Capacity 0 Apr-19 Elsy Saloumi and Marielle Hayeck; PhD; Joanna Nseir; Saint-Joseph University; Beirut, Lebanon; Nicolas Boissonnade; Laval University; Quebec, Canada SSRC
Time-Dependent Buckling of Steel Plates Exposed to Fire 0 Apr-19 Mohammed A. Morovat, Michael D. Engelhardt and Todd A. Helwig; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, Texas SSRC
Topology Optimization of Steel Shear Fuses to Resist Buckling 0 Apr-19 Javier A. Avecillas and Matthew R. Eatherton; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA SSRC
A Reappraisal of the Reliability of Local Buckling Rules Based on the Winter Curve 0 Apr-18 Nicole Schillo; Ingenieurgruppe Bauen; Karlsruhe, Germany; Andreas Taras; Bundeswehr University Munich; Neubiberg, Germany SSRC
Creep Buckling of Steel Beam-Columns Subjected to Fire 0 Apr-18 Mohammed A. Morovat, Michael D. Engelhardt, Todd A. Helwig; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX SSRC
Determination of the Buckling Critical Load for Composite Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns from Partial Experimental Data: A Review of the Southwell Plot Technique 0 Apr-18 Tiziano Perea; Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana; Mexico; Roberto T. Leon; Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA; Mark D. Denavit; University of Tennessee; Knoxville, TN; Jerome F. Hajjar; Northeastern University; Boston, MA SSRC
Flange Buckling Behavior of Trapezoidally Corrugated Web Girders Subjected to Bending and Shear Interaction 0 Apr-18 Bence Jáger and László Dunai; Budapest University of Technology and Economics; Hungary SSRC
Horizontal Curvature Impacts on Steel Plate Girder Shear Buckling 0 Apr-18 Bernard A. Frankl; HDR; Atlanta, GA; Daniel G. Linzell; The University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Lincoln, NE SSRC
Local Buckling Limit States in Rod-Braced Metal Building Frames 0 Apr-18 Hamid Foroughi, Chengda Ji, Benjamin W. Schafer, and Christopher D. Moen; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD SSRC
Predicting the Buckling Strength of Spirally Welded Tapered Tubes Under Flexural Bending Using Reference Resistance Design 0 Apr-18 Abdullah Mahmoud, Shahabeddin Torabian, and Benjamin W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD; Angelina Jay, Fariborz Mirzaie, and Andrew T. Myers; Northeastern University; Boston, MA; Eric Smith; Keystone Tower Systems; Broomfield, CO SSRC
Toward the Recognition of Unaccounted for Flange Local Buckling and Tension Flange Yielding Resistances in the ANSI/AISC 360 Specification 0 Apr-18 Oguzhan Togay and Donald W. White; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA SSRC
Buckling and Collapse Behavior of Screw-Fastened, Built-Up Cold-Formed Steel Columns of Varying Cross-Section Size Experimental Investigation 0 Mar-17 David C. Fratamico and Benjamin W. Schafer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; Kim J.R. Rasmussen, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia SSRC
Comprehensive Stability Design of Steel Members and Systems via Inelastic Buckling Analysis – Beam-Column Validation Studies 0 Mar-17 Oğuzhan Toğay and Donald W. White, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA SSRC
Computational Assessment of the Residual Stresses of a Wind Turbine Tower Steel Shell and their Effect on its Buckling Capacity 0 Mar-17 Simos Gerasimidis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA SSRC
CUFSM Elastic Buckling Analysis Software Module for Quantifying Hole Effects in Thin-Walled Structural Members 0 Mar-17 Junle Cai Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA; Benjamin W. Schafer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, Cristopher D. Moen, NBM Technologies, Inc., Baltimore, MD SSRC
Effect of Boundary Conditions on the Creep Buckling of Steel Columns in Fire 0 Mar-17 Mohammed A. Morovat, Michael D. Engelhardt and Todd A. Helwig, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC
Flexural-Torsional Buckling of General Cold-Formed Steel Columns with Unequal Unbraced Lengths 0 Mar-17 Robert S. Glauz, RSG Software, Inc., Lee's Summit, MO SSRC
Global Lateral - Torsional Buckling of I-Girder Systems in Cantilever 0 Mar-17 Andres F. Robalino, ADSTREN, Quito, Ecuador; Telmo Andres Sanchez, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador SSRC
Nonlinear Behavior of Global Lateral Buckling of I-Girder Systems 0 Mar-17 Liwei Han and Todd A. Helwig, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX SSRC
Using Longitudinal Stiffeners to Mitigate Buckling of Noncompact and Slender Beam Webs in Ductile Moment Frame Connections 0 Mar-17 Matthew R. Eatherton, Yujia Chen and Thomas M. Murray, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA; Karim Laknejadi, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran SSRC