Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Best Practices for Model Review - An Update [T4] 0 Apr-19 Andrew Gayer, SE, PE, LEED AP ; James Schwartz ; Brian Cobb, PE NASCC
Iowa DOT Building Information Model for Bridges and Structures Pilot Project 0 Apr-19 Grant Schmitz, PE; Ahmad Abu-Hawash, PE WSBS
The AISC Guide to BIM/Modeling [T3] 0 Apr-19 Luke Faulkner NASCC
2017 LOD: What You Need to Know [T5] 0 Apr-18 Will Ikerd, CM-BIM, LEED-AP; David Merrifield NASCC
BIM Execution Plans - What You Need to Know [T4] 0 Apr-18 Will Ikerd, CM-BIM, LEED AP NASCC
Compare and Contrast BIM Contract Documents [T7] 0 Apr-18 Angela Richie NASCC
Simple Things for Better Model Export [T3] 0 Apr-18 Brian Cobb, PE NASCC
Smart Model Transfer: Collaboration to Reduce Schedule and Cost [T9] 0 Apr-18 Scott Cameron; Mark Lasby, PEng NASCC
Smart Model Transfer: Using the Digital Superhighway [Y6] 0 Apr-18 Sayle Lewis, PE; Tim Heffner, PE; Katelyn O'Donnell NASCC
The Changing Business Climate: How Global Modeling is Affecting Our World [T2] 0 Apr-18 John Ottinger; Andrew Ruffin, PE; James Schwartz NASCC
3D Model Review and Approval Really Works! [T3] 0 Mar-17 Andrew Gayer; Chris Harms; Jim Schueler; James Schwartz NASCC
Levels of Development (LOD): What it Means for Steel Construction [T7] 0 Mar-17 Will Ikerd NASCC
Understanding and Working with BIMXP's [T2] 0 Mar-17 David Merrifield NASCC
What's New with the NISD? Individual Detailer Certification and other Programs, Webinars on Pertinent Topics, BIM Certification and More [D1] 0 Mar-17 Fred Tinker NASCC
Applications of Non-Contact Measurements in Steel Structures [N65A] 0 Apr-16 Jerry Hajjar; Cris Moen NASCC
BIM as a Deliverable: New Falcons Stadium Roof [N50] 0 Apr-16 Erleen Hatfield NASCC
Bridge Information Modeling--Towards an Industry Exchange Standard [B17] 0 Apr-16 Scot Becker; Samy Elsayed; Ian Trudeau NASCC,WSBS
Electronic Model Review: Process, Advantages and Implementation [N17] 0 Apr-16 Andrew Hermiz; Greg Caraghi NASCC
Empowering Suppliers and Fabricators to Improve the Design of Steel Structures [N66] 0 Apr-16 Forest Flager NASCC
How GCs Use a Fabricator's Model [N81] 0 Apr-16 John Leuenberger; Wayne Morrison NASCC
Increasing the Downstream Value of Design Models [N67] 0 Apr-16 Joshua Bradshaw NASCC
Introduction to LOD for Structural Steel [N51] 0 Apr-16 David Merrifield NASCC
SWOT Analysis of "BIM to FAB" Workflow Processes [N35] 0 Apr-16 Jerod Hoffman; Michael Gustafson NASCC